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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

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Women Make up more than 80% of the network Marketing industry. What are 3 reasons men need to pay attention to this fact.

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The first reason is that the math doesn’t lie!

Just the mere fact that the numbers point to where a person should be putting their effort, is reason enough why men should pay attention to women. 

If we were to do a male analogy, let’s take fishing.  Why is it that some fishermen are much more successful than others?  One of the biggest reasons is they know where to fish.  It just makes sense that if you’re looking for great results, you would go to the best place to catch the best fish with the best method of catching them. So what should a man do?

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  1. Go after the best fish for your effort. As a commercial fisherman if you want to make the most money one of the fish you would go after would be tuna rather than mackerel. Tuna will pay you thousands of dollars per fish, mackerel will earn you pennies per fish!  If the numbers are right, then it makes more sense to team up with the 80% of the population who is doing the activity necessary to be successful in network marketing.
  2. Fish in the right place.  If you wanted to have that big payday that the tuna fishermen have, you wouldn’t be fishing in that peaceful creek in North Carolina.  You would be out there in the big ocean seas off of New Zealand.  This, by the way, is where a fisherwoman named Donna Pascoe caught the world’s biggest tuna weighing 411.6kg or as much as twice the weight of a baby elephant valued at over $2million.  So where do you team up with the right women to build a successful team.  Well that will take some exploring but the best place to start is to know your product and service and their benefits and find the groups of women that would value them the most.
  3. Employ the best method. Donna Pascoe didn’t use a tiny rod and spinning reel to pull that big one in.  She had the right equipment and it also took her time to bring that tuna in, over 4 hours!  What does this tell us?  We need to know our business inside and out like a real professional would.  We also need to know how to talk to our prospects, both business builders and customers.  Understanding different personality types is a key.  Developing the skills of your trade is the most critical method you can employ to build your successful business.


So the 3 reasons why men need to pay attention to women in their business is the same reason you need to also pay attention to the men, only there are a lot more women doing this business!  

 Just go after the best  to maximize your effort, look in the right places

and employ the best proven methods. And watch your business grow!


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