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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher


Bird Sense By: Terri Levine

Being team spirited is not just about working together in harmony. It's about pulling your weight, helping others, allowing yourself to be helped, doing whatever needs to be done to assist the...
Oct 1, 2005 Clicks: 6721 Comments

Fear or faith By: Lisa Jimenez

What about you? What fear, hidden or known, is affecting your behavior and keeping you from living your dreams? I have never met a person who hasn’t had to face some degree of fear. In all...
Dec 1, 2005 Clicks: 6445 Comments

Everyone's a Salesperson By: Brian Tracy

So, the pivotal question with regard to selling is not if you are doing it, but if you are good at it. All top executives are excellent salespeople. All effective parents are wonderful...
Feb 1, 2006 Clicks: 7473 Comments

Just Don't Do It By: Chris Widener

Practical application: When you are up against a problem, and you are tempted to say "I can't," begin to think of all of those who have already done it. When you see how many already have, you'll...
Apr 1, 2006 Clicks: 6542 Comments

Oprah's Secret to Success By: Jill Koenig

Oprah was simply following her bliss and pursuing her dream of being on tv news, when a position opened up at the tv station for a morning show called "a.m. Chicago." She walked in as an unknown,...
Aug 1, 2006 Clicks: 7061 Comments

Persuasive presentations for network marketing By: David Nelson

The Encarta® World English Dictionary defines persuade as: "to make somebody believe something, especially by giving good reasons for doing so." Synonyms for persuade are: influence, convince,...
Sep 1, 2006 Clicks: 7134 Comments

The essence of communication is connection By: Steve Siebold

If establishing an emotional connection is the essence of communication, then how do you establish this connection? The answer is what I call 'chameleon communication'. In other words, adapting...
Jan 1, 2007 Clicks: 6854 Comments

Tai Chai! Lessons for Success in MLM By: George Madiou

Eddy is a Godly man, and in my copy of Tai Chai! Lessons for success in MLM his inscription read: To George, Ephesians 4:29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths but only...
Aug 1, 2008 Clicks: 3766 Comments

When You See the Best, You'll Ignite It! By: Brian Biro

Throughout his swimming career, Ron was the kind of young man who caused coaches to shake their heads in disappointment and throw their hands up in frustration. Like that distributor you signed up...
Aug 1, 2008 Clicks: 1894 Comments

A Good Mentor-Coach Asks Right Questions By: Kurt Wright

Having an internal locus of control means having a habit of looking deep within ourselves for the answers needed to guide our own lives. It also makes it clear why we don’t need an...
Aug 1, 2008 Clicks: 2133 Comments

Who coaches the coach? By: Mark Davis

Where there has been a training event for their organization, instead of sitting in the front row taking notes - they're often doing the registration table, making tea and coffee, and putting away...
Aug 1, 2008 Clicks: 1906 Comments

How Far Can We Go? By: Chad Bumgarner

Brad Barton , a former High School boy's basketball coach, who's now @ the top level of the Network Marketing business that I'm in, talks about "6 Things To Do...If You're Gonna Play For Us."...
Aug 1, 2008 Clicks: 2482 Comments

Would You Want to Follow You? By: Carol Briney

Would you want to follow you? If you had a huge team of people working just like you would you be happy? My guess is most likely not. As we all know we need to lead from the front. If we want a...
Aug 1, 2008 Clicks: 1975 Comments

Are you a leader? By: Tom Schreiter

* A distributor didn't call you back. * A prospect thought you were crazy. * Somebody told lies about you. * A friend was jealous about your success. * Your new distributor didn't order more...
Oct 1, 2008 Clicks: 2269 Comments

Let go of the things that keep you from your ultimate good By: Lisa Jimenez

I began sharing my vision of being a principal with him. It was a waste of breath. Randy wasn't buying it. When I told him I could do both, he went through an exhausting explanation of how I was...
Dec 1, 2008 Clicks: 1996 Comments

Building Alliances By: Steve Dailey

Now you need to be very clear who your target market is first, of course – but once defined you will readily see there are many businesses targeting exactly the type of client you also want....
Aug 1, 2009 Clicks: 1796 Comments

3 Places to Get Great Coaching By: George Madiou

Mentors Seek out mentors in the field of expertise that you are attempting to achieve. They may be the best people you personally know or they may be the best people who you know about....
Sep 1, 2009 Clicks: 1778 Comments

Power from Empowerment By: Denis Waitley

The job of the team leader is to set a mission, decide upon a strategic direction, achieve the necessary cooperation, delegate authority - and then let people innovate. To do that we all could...
Sep 1, 2009 Clicks: 1753 Comments

Coaching for Success By: Carol McCall

his reply?... "how about your nose?” When I truly listen to what's right in front of me, the speaker's message, I get the total communication. I am present to what the speaker will and won't...
Sep 1, 2009 Clicks: 1723 Comments

Relationship Coaching for Couples in Business Together By: Paul and Layne Cutright

If you are a couple presently in business together we want to ask you some important questions. If you are not a couple in business but are thinking about it, these questions can shed light on...
Sep 1, 2009 Clicks: 1783 Comments

Coaching Advice from a Rebel Billionaire By: Elizabeth Harrington

As you will see ALL of his principles can be applied to your Network Marketing business and must be to achieve the level of professionalism needed to really achieve massive success. Many network...
Sep 1, 2009 Clicks: 1785 Comments

It's Back to Basics Time By: Rod Nichols

Now, before you shout me down, you should know that I love the Internet and all the great technology and I use it to build my business. However, when the truth comes out, there are still a much...
Sep 1, 2009 Clicks: 1660 Comments

Are You a Leader or a Follower? By: David Feinstein

But learning the skills to become a great leader definitely means whether or not you’re a heavy hitter in MLM or just another number in someone else’s downline. More importantly, rather than...
Sep 1, 2009 Clicks: 1989 Comments

How do You Spell Success? By: Steve Dailey

Yes No O O I know what percentage of profit my business earned last year and I have set a profitability goal for this year. O O I have established a minimum acceptable...
Oct 1, 2009 Clicks: 1602 Comments

Better Half Living By: Steve Dailey

Well I have a paradigm for you to consider that might make a life-changing difference in how you look at your second half. I call it BetterHalf Livingâ„¢. As I write this, there will be more of...
May 1, 2010 Clicks: 1632 Comments

Three Types of People By: Steve Dailey

Encouragers. Advisors. And Coaches or Mentors. Encouragers are those people that no matter how low you are or how brilliant you are – no matter whether you believe in yourself or not at a...
Aug 1, 2010 Clicks: 1529 Comments


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