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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher


Here's why "Attitude is Everything! By: Jeff Keller

Before I explain further, let's consider the definition of attitude. Think of your attitude as the "mental filter" through which you experience the world. There are many filters you might have....
Aug 1, 2006 Clicks: 6928 Comments

The Three Keys to Greatness By: Jim Rohn

I suggest having a minimum amount of time set aside for reading books, listening to audiocassettes, attending seminars, keeping a journal and spending time with other successful people. Charlie...
Nov 1, 2006 Clicks: 7060 Comments

Life balance: the urgent vs. the important By: Denis Waitley

We worry about things we want to do - but can't - instead of doing the things we can do - but don't. How often have you said to yourself, "Where did the day go? I accomplished nothing," or "I...
Nov 1, 2006 Clicks: 7279 Comments

10 principles to take you to the top of your payplan By: Margie Aliprandi

You can't sell something you don't believe in, and you can't believe in a product you haven't experienced. So your first order of business is to expose yourself to the products your company...
Dec 1, 2006 Clicks: 7454 Comments

Keeping you're attitude up when circumstances are down By: Chris Widener

I'm sure you are aware of what happens. You are going about your day and everything seems to be going well, when out of nowhere disaster strikes. All of your best-laid plans begin to tumble....
Jan 1, 2007 Clicks: 6571 Comments

Start Living in Prime Time By: Denis Waitley

Positions change, possessions come and go, you can earn more money. You can renew your supply of many things, but like good health, that other most precious resource, time spent is gone forever....
Jul 1, 2007 Clicks: 7663 Comments

Secrets of the Greatest Network Marketer By: Rod Nichols

Most of them were truly diamonds in the rough, so the greatest network marketer had to spend many hours teaching them the fine art of networking that had been taught to him by his Upline. Each...
Dec 1, 2007 Clicks: 7358 Comments

Paul's 2nd "BE" Attitudes for Daily Living By: Paul Morris

"To be enthusiastic I must ACT enthusiastic" It is the "act as if" principle. To be enthusiastic you must learn to: Talk 10% louder Talk 10% faster Walk 10% faster Open your eyes 10%...
Feb 1, 2008 Clicks: 6807 Comments

#6 BE quick to apologize when you are wrong By: Paul Morris

Apologize even if you are right. It sets the example and will gain the respect of your peers. They will know that it was not your fault and will admire you for being willing to apologize even...
Jun 1, 2008 Clicks: 2240 Comments

Before they call, I will answer' By: George Madiou

'And it is our last hot water bottle!' she exclaimed. As in the West, it is no good crying over spilled milk so in Central Africa it might be considered no good crying over burst water bottles....
Sep 1, 2008 Clicks: 2199 Comments

Arthur's Corner By: Arthur Tugman

Silver Lining Goal In Life Is not to cop out Arthur Tugman ~ A Little tete-de-tete Map out your future If you want to get ahead or Map out your future If you want to get past the past or Map...
Jan 1, 2009 Clicks: 2171 Comments

Arthur's Corner By: Arthur Tugman

~ Procrastination Hampers Duplication If you lose momentum in the morning You’ll be in a dilemma all day Arthur Tugman ~ Lose a minute in the morning And you’ll never make it up all day...
Apr 1, 2009 Clicks: 1907 Comments

Take Control by Owning Your Own Business (a must in today's world) By: Kevin Abdulrahman

The Dream (as a bunch of us called it) all through University with many of us students was to get the degree out of the way, get out there in the corporate world, work hard so that one day we hit...
Mar 1, 2010 Clicks: 1485 Comments

Aged to Perfection By: Denis Waitley

I already suffer from “Dessert Alzheimer's”. When I go to the buffet, I ask the restaurant staff? Was I just here? Did I already have the carrot cake and chocolate decadence? Or is this my...
Jun 1, 2010 Clicks: 1469 Comments

Procrastination Doesn't Make Perfect By: Denis Waitley

We’re all very busy. Every day we seem to have a giant to-do list of people to see, projects to complete, e-mails to read, e-mails to write. We have calls to answer and calls to make, then more...
Jul 1, 2010 Clicks: 1582 Comments

Becoming a Proactive Leader By: Denis Waitley

Football’s greatest quarterbacks complete only six out of ten passes. The best basketball players make only half their shots. Even with satellite mapping and expert geologists, leading oil...
Sep 1, 2010 Clicks: 1533 Comments

Dream Torture By: Denis Waitley

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. It is what you would like your life to become. A goal is what, specifically, you intend to make happen. However, many individuals...
Oct 1, 2010 Clicks: 1383 Comments

As We Sow, So Shall We Harvest By: Denis Waitley

There are two primary choices in our lives: to accept conditions as they exist or to accept the responsibility for changing them. To attain emotional security, each of us must learn to develop...
Nov 1, 2010 Clicks: 1506 Comments

Going Full Circle By: Denis Waitley

My new mission, based upon the sobering aftermath of September 11th, is to be a role model for these words I have altered slightly from MY CREED by Dean Alfange: “I do not choose to be a...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1584 Comments

Four Steps to Success! By: Jim Rohn

The next step to success is to have good plans. A good plan for the day, a good plan for the future, a good health plan, a good plan for your marriage. Building anything is like building a house,...
Jan 1, 2011 Clicks: 1835 Comments

A Blank Canvas and Paints of Many Colors By: Margie Aliprandi

Let's say we're always creating. Creating deliberately or by default. Most of us suffer from what I call “rear view thinking”. When we look at today's results and revenues and let that...
Jan 1, 2011 Clicks: 1620 Comments

Motivation from Within By: Denis Waitley

The Inner Drive Behavioral scientists have found that independent desire for excellence is the most telling predictor of significant achievement. In other words, the success of our efforts...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1679 Comments

Creative Goal Setting for Kids and Teens By: Denis Waitley

visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Visual learners understand and remember best what they see . Auditory learners prefer to hear and verbalize in order to comprehend. Kinesthetic learners need...
May 1, 2011 Clicks: 1629 Comments

Zig On... Success What it is and What it Isn't By:

Success is knowing where to turn when it seems that there’s nowhere to turn. Having a spiritual life is akin to eating food and drinking water. It’s necessary! Success is having...
Jun 1, 2011 Clicks: 1457 Comments


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