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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

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Nikken's first Royal Ambassador has been with the company since July of 1990. This April will be his 30 year anniversary in network marketing. What's it like to stand on stage in front of the whole company and be handed a check for $1,000,000? "Shivers all over... just incredible." Indeed....

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Dave, how many people do you have in your organization? I love to tell people that if you know how many people are in your organization then you're not big enough. How long have you been with Nikken? I've been with Nikken since July of 1990, so it's been 15 years, which is half of my network marketing career. I'm an old-timer! This coming April will be our 30th anniversary in network marketing. How did you first learn about network marketing— 30 years ago? Basically, when I was a child, I was more interested in science, particularly electronics, and I just assumed that's what I was going to do. But then I got married and got side-tracked. I was working on a forklift and basically going nowhere in a hurry and that really started to scare me

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At the time, I was 24 years old and I didn't want to go to night school forever. I got this bright idea to join the Navy. They have the best electronic schools. So, I was in boot camp as a 24 year old with all of the teenagers. In about two years, the Navy had completely cured me of my love for electronics. I just all of a sudden realized it wasn't something I wanted to do forever. I thought I wanted to be an Electronic Engineer, but the reality of spending my days inside a room with fluorescent lights and surrounded by electronic stuff wasn't fun. It was fun for a hobby, but not as an every day thing. I decided I was more of a people person. After being in the Navy for two years, it was in 1976, a friend invited me over to his house. I thought it was just going to be him and his wife and my wife Valerie and myself, so I showed up with my best T-shirt on. When we arrived I was very surprised to see a bunch of folding chairs set up in the living room and all of these people dressed up in nice dresses and suits and ties! A short time later we were all sitting down and it got kind of fidgety. Then another couple came in— they were smartly dressed and they walked in and set up an easel board and started drawing circles.

About an hour into the meeting they said a word I had never heard of before– Amway. And when they did, everybody got mad and left!

I found out later why, but I had never seen Amway and those circles. I felt like somebody had taken their arm and reached inside my head and opened doors inside my mind that I never knew existed. It was a literal revelation to me. The idea of duplication, the power of it, was amazing. I was one of those guys that literally saw circles on the ceiling that night as I lay in bed! I've never been the same since then! It was exciting! Of course, they talked about a business and I had never considered a business. I got a 'D' in accounting in college, and I was thankful for that. I thought business meant you had to keep books and do something with them. But with this... somehow this was different. This was about going out and making friends and building relationships and getting people excited about something. That was exciting! Then they gave me a book called The Magic of Thinking Big. Before that I hadn't really thought about the fact that you really do become what you think about and you can direct your life by directing your thoughts. This was powerful stuff that changed my whole life. From then on I just thought differently and it transformed me. I was with Amway for four years, I sponsored over 50 people, and it was a wonderful experience. On the other hand, looking back at it, it was a wonderful school, but a lousy business. I never had a positive cash flow at any time that I was in it. It was expensive, but so was college.

To me it was more priceless than a college experience. So much of who I am today is because of those powerful, formative years of Amway.

David, what kept you involved even though it wasn't a positive cash flow? Basically, I just figured if you do something often enough that things will accumulate; the 'winners never quit and quitters never win' mentality. Delayed gratification didn't intimidate me. It takes time and effort to make anything happen. Any business takes time and that first night they told me that this was going to be a two to five year plan. After being in it four years and realizing I hadn't made any measurable gain, I had to make a new decision. About that time somebody told me that phrase everybody has heard time and time again, involving the definition of insanity: continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. So, I finally thought that I had to do something different. I looked around at a meeting and it actually startled me to realize that so few others who had been in the business awhile weren't making any money either. With a little further exploration, I discovered the money that was being made came to people through the books and tools rather than the soap! It was a bit devastating and left me feeling about the same way I felt when I realized there really was no Santa Claus. I still loved the concept of the business and at the time I was subscribing to a magazine called Success Unlimited. They had regular contributors like Earl Nightingale and Paul Harvey, and just incredible articles. There was a company— as far as I know it was the very first network marketing company that put a national ad in this magazine— it was Enhance. It was a full page ad with Robert J. Luten, former president of Shaklee, and Eugene Schilling, vice president of product research. They had left Shaklee and the title on top of the ad said, "We've done it before and we're going to do it again! Experienced Leadership! Proven Management!" They said all that stuff and I thought, "I wonder, if I join this will I get away from the stigma of Amway?" So, I ended up joining Enhance, which basically carried nutrition products, in 1980 and got real excited about this better compensation plan. In three years I was making $1400 a month part time! I was selling light bulbs on the side to pay for my multi-level marketing hobby, so this was great money!

My high water mark in Amway was $112, that was my biggest check ever there.

How did your experience of Enhance continue? Basically, it was great. There was no stigma attached. You could be upfront and talk to people about it and it carried a real product that gave results. It was a really positive, fun experience. I was making money and I actually had people that were making some money, too. We did that for about three years— and then I had a bad experience. My upline had called and said, "Hey… I think they're going down." I called their sponsor, who was a founding sponsor with the company and they said, "No, you're okay." So, I put an order in, they cashed the check and the product never came. I called to see what was wrong and the phone line was no longer in service. That was a real bummer! That's when I first heard the phrase,

"The opportunity of a lifetime is only a great as the lifetime of the opportunity."

Now, again, I had to decide what to do. Most of the Enhance leaders had gone with a company called Slender Me, a company very similar to Herbalife and one of it's contemporaries. We jumped in and I remember my very first check from Slender Me was $800+, so I was just pumped. We even signed up my in-laws and they were actually building a business with it. That was just amazing to me. People liked the product and then we started attracting some corporate attention where people came up and actually offered to do a meeting for us. So, we went to the Holiday Inn and set up our meeting. After I picked these guys from corporate up at the airport I was listening to them talk and the more they talked, the sicker I got inside. These guys were crooked… there's just no other way to say it. Now imagine, here we are:

My group is outside in the parking lot after the meeting talking, and rather than getting us all excited about the future and making a commitment... we all decided we had to leave the company.

At that point I'm starting to look for a new home, because by that time I'm hooked on this business and I knew if I could just hang in there long enough it would work. Dave, tell me what still had you hooked after all this? The idea! I loved the idea and I wanted a business of my own and I wanted it in network marketing. By then I knew if I could just find the right company I would succeed.
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