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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

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The Question that we are asked more often than any other is, “how can I use TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com to grow my business? Well, here are 5 concrete business building tips you can implement immediately!

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There are many, many ways (more than just 5) to use TheNetworkmarketingMagazine.com to grow your business but let’s start with the most popular and the one that any networker, either seasoned veteran or one of the newest members of this industry can employ, TODAY!

Business building tip # 1

Partner up with the industry experts and let them talk to your prospects.

My favorite and the one that gets the fastest results is partnering up with industry and company experts and let them talk to your prospects through their article. Every article in the magazine has an email function. This function allows you to pass any article on to any prospect.

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When you read an article that appears in TNMM you will quickly observe there will be people that will come to mind that could use this information. Don’t keep it to yourself! At the top of every article there is an email icon. When you click on this icon, a box opens up and in this box you can put your name, email address and a personalized message to your contact with their email address. When you click the send button, your personalized message along with that article will appear in their email. The article will not be an attachment. Many people will not open attachments today, and this guarantees that so long as the recipient opens your email, your message and article will get through. OK, so let’s get specific. Here is my favorite article for results. Go to the November 2005 issue (yes, a past issue. All of our subscribers have access to all of our past issues, that’s why TNMM is a growing business library for you). Go to the article by Sandy Botkin titled, If you don’t have a home-based business, start one today! First of all read this great article, it’s a classic. If you ask any successful leader, you will find that this group of people have heard far more no’s than yes’s. They have come to realize that they don’t take it personally; these people who say no aren’t saying no to them, it just might not be the right time for them or they just might not have enough information to make a decision. This group of “no” people can be a great source of people to build your business. Make a list of the last 20 people that have said no to you. Armed with their email address, and using the email function with Sandy Botkin’s article send a personalized message to each one on your list. The message may read: Dear Mary, I came across this article and I thought of you. Sandy Botkin is an attorney, a CPA and a former head trainer of IRS auditors. He teaches how to put thousands of dollars each year into your pocket and I thought you would find this interesting. I’ll call you tomorrow to see what you thought. Best wishes, Cathy. Do that 20 times and don’t forget to follow up with all 20. You will find that Sandy Botkin can talk to your prospect through the credibility of his article in a different way than you can. He also gives you credibility. He also makes a lot of sense for many people that haven’t considered the major tax benefits a home-based business offers. We have found that this one exercise alone has been instrumental in many new business partners joining businesses. Only some on your “no” list will become a “yes” using this exercise. That’s ok, any no’s that turn to yes is great. As you continue to read different articles, continue to “drip” on your “no” prospect list with other pertinent articles that will “speak” to them. One last success story about this first tip, Elizabeth did this 20 email exercise and then did it with a larger list of her last 100 “no’s”. She then shares TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com with her business building team members and also had her team do this exercise with their last 100 “no’s”. Today, Elizabeth has the fastest growing team in her company and this exercise is the only strategy she has changed in building her business. Try this exercise and then send me an email to share your results, [email protected] Business building tip # 2

Duplicate what the successful network marketers have done to grow their successful businesses

There are stories and interviews of some of the most successful network marketers in TNMM. Wisdom comes to us in a number of ways. We can gain knowledge and wisdom through our own experience. This could be slow and inefficient at times. We can also learn from others that are already where we want to be. How would you like to duplicate the activity that the successful network marketers have done to grow their incredible businesses? Through the stories and interviews, you will be able to hear some of the greatest secrets, techniques and strategies that these super stars implemented to grow there business. If you happened to be a distributor in their company, you might have already heard these stories at a convention or read them in your company newsletter, but what TNMM offers is stories that come from many company leaders that you probably have never heard before. How great is it to hear how some of these million dollar earners started out, probably just like you and have found ways to grow their business into what you would like to have. How great is it to have many stories to study that come from such a diverse background of companies, personalities and techniques that you can choose to implement ideas into your own business. It’s like having a close relative in the business that has a real vested interest in your success. Skim through these stories. Take one a day. They will inspire you into action and will guide you to success. Business building tip # 3

There is only one of me!

Network Marketing can have a direct sales component to it, however the real leverage is the team building component that offers the geometric growth that fuels so many success stories. A good friend and leader from Canada, Bob McKay once said to me, “there is only one of me!” I came to understand what Bob meant. Bob has been a student of this business for many years, learning from the best that the industry has to offer. As a leader of his own growing business, Bob shared with me that he no longer had time to teach each and every person that is coming into his business the things that he has learned from his many teachers over the years. He said, “There is only one of me, and now armed with The Network Marketing Magazine, I can give a new person an assignment to read a number of articles from my mentors and when they’re done, then I can then help them along their journey.” The way Bob McKay uses TNMM leverages his time and effectiveness in training his people to become great leaders. The added benefit is that this is a very duplicatable process to create other leaders in your business, teaching the teachers to teach. There is only one of all of us. Isn’t it nice to partner with the best teachers, coaches and mentors to help in your effort! Business building tip # 4

Competence leads to confidence that leads to results. When a competent, confident individual gets results, they make money and they don’t quit!

To build a successful business you must have a strategy to work on yourself more than you work on anything else. We all have skills that are our strengths and skills that we need to work on. Becoming stronger in our strengths and developing a strategy to become more competent in skills that we are weak in, is what we should invest in. This works both for us and our team, a competent, confident individual that is getting results will make money and will not quit. Every article in our magazine is tagged with multiple subjects and keywords. In the browse area of the magazine, we are able to go to the area that we want to work on to become extremely competent in that arena. One of the subjects in this browse area is on the subject of prospecting. This is a common area that needs to be worked on. Almost 2 dozen articles come up on this subject. What would happen to the person who starts the month reading an article a day on this subject and gets the perspectives from some of the best teachers of this subject, by the end of the month. That person gains a new level of competence! This is why TNMM is a perfect strategy for developing competence that leads to confidence. Try it out on a skill set that you want to work on and let me know about your results!
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