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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

MLM Network Magazine Jun 2007

The Truth About Seasons in Network Marketing! By: Sue Seward

Being a veteran in this industry, I've been through many a summer season over the last ten years and have never slowed down and the benefits are really reaped during the FALL because of the summer...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7523 Comments

Thoughts on Successful People By: Chris Widener

Sure, there were varying levels in this but they all had a sense of humor. They were able to laugh at circumstances, and they were able to laugh at themselves. It was quite refreshing and a core...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7735 Comments

The Challenge of being the leader that your team needs By: Camilo Cruz

Without a doubt, our success is directly proportional to our ability to help others make the transition from being and thinking as average people to thinking as entrepreneurs. In an industry where...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 6974 Comments

The Fruit of Love By: Rod Nichols

Those who have learned to love, do so because they have deep roots of love. Okay, back to Collette. As I have watched her over the last twelve years, I've noticed something that makes her truly...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7556 Comments

"The Five Love Languages for Network Marketers" By: Toni Brown

They are as follows: Communication Communication is such an important part of showing your team members that you care. Recent upgrades in technology, has made it is easy for anyone to send a...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7594 Comments

Building Trust, Admiration and Respect By: Richard Brooke

Trust is earned through what we say and what we do. In these actions we must become predictable and believable to others. Predictable means that others must learn, based on what we say and do,...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7592 Comments

The Leader's Leader - The Courage of Conviction By: Jack Lannom

Courage is the fruit of which the logos is the root. In 1775, Patrick Henry rose to his feet to exhort his fellow Virginians to declare war on the British oppressor-a ragtag group of rebels was...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7569 Comments

What they need to hear By: Dale Calvert

I felt it was my job to keep my entire team updated with the latest company announcements, even though I knew they received the company's monthly newsletter, but never read it. I would drive...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7460 Comments

Angel Matos By: TNMM Editor

Like many people, I got a call too. It can be fun being kind of cynical, but eventually, the good ones wear you down. And fortunately, as happens often, the follow up comes at a time when there...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7214 Comments

The 3 Most Common Desires In Network Marketing By: George Madiou

Let's examine them and see why The Network Marketing Magazine.com is like trading a nickel for $5 when it comes to becoming proficient with these top 3 issues. Sell more of your products or...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 6654 Comments

Expect Miracles - BELIEVE! BE LOVE! By: Mary K Weinhagen

Loving your team results naturally from a willingness to LIVE OUT LOUD and be a model of authenticity and integrity, including the capacity to own it when you fall out of integrity. It's trusting...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 6565 Comments

The Wonderful Gift that will Benefit Both You and Your Team By: Michael Oliver

They have literally "protected" themselves from being open to what life really has to offer, or more importantly, what they have to offer life. These self-limiting beliefs are also based on...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 6779 Comments

It's All Good - Pause and Appreciate By: Maran Banta

Even before publication I know this issue is chock full of great advice about how to love and appreciate your Team. My guess is that some of the articles will focus on good, practical, tangible...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 6141 Comments

Five ways to heat up cold distributors By: Michael Clouse

I'm not sure if Yogi Berra, the great New York Yankee's manager, knew about this 32 degree thing when he said, "Nothing happens until something happens." But I'll bet even Yogi faced this same...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7257 Comments

After the Warm Market is Gone and Other Phrases That Scare You By: Laura Johnson

I think this comes up because we have a high hope that our warm market will be all we need. That between our friends and family, we sometimes believe that we will get enough of them involved that...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 6713 Comments

The Ultimate Success Formula By: Frank Bolella

Every one of the super successful people I came across had these four principles in their lives. To illustrate I want you to imagine that I have the ultimate recipe for the perfect pizza pie. I...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7046 Comments

Avoid Slipping into the Negativity of Others - Uplift Them with Your Own Positivity By: Peggy McColl

She wiped away her tears, and I reminded her of the great things she had in her life, such as her beautiful little boys and her close relationship with them, since they were able to share with her...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7478 Comments

Mom's State of the Union Address By: Kathy Smith

As my father had promised, I fell in love and became very passionate about network marketing, and the concept of people working together toward a common goal. I believe what really enables...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 6936 Comments

Loving Your Team By: Gary Eby

So rather than embark on an endless journey, I thought I would illustrate my points with a simple story. It's from my book "Lefthanded Soldiers" and it is called "The Wallet." One day a...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 6770 Comments

It's about Developing Others By: Ariana Reed

1. Have Fun! Pick a theme and schedule a time. Be creative you could have a "Get to know your leaders" call. Several leaders reveal personal information that is not well known about them....
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 6748 Comments

Wherever you are, be there By: Jim Rohn

We go through the day rather than getting something from the day. We are everywhere at any given moment in time except living in that moment in time. Lifestyle is learning to be wherever you...
Jun 1, 2007 Clicks: 7111 Comments


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