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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

MLM Network Magazine Jan 2008

It's all good By: Maran Banta

It took my Sponsor 3 years to get to this level, and his Sponsor took the same 3 years. All 3 of us hit Executive during December 2007. However the woman who sponsored my sponsor's sponsor,...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6692 Comments

Holiday Planting Season Brings A New Year Harvest! By: Sue Seward

Because when January rolls around there will be people interested in earning extra income. They may also be looking for a home business so they can benefit from the great tax deductions. YOU...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 7756 Comments

Where are you looking for success? By: Jack Zufelt

With this new understanding, you will move forward confidently and quickly, creating the kind of life experiences you want-and deserve. You will leave behind all the wrong paradigms and incorrect...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 7329 Comments

New Beginnings By: Josh Liteky

The two most common goals that people set are to lose weight and make more money. These are two significant goals indeed. Goals are a funny thing, they are absolutely necessary to give us a...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 7033 Comments

The Natural Selling Mind By: Michael Oliver

Thinking Inside the Box? To be totally effective, you can't think from 'Inside the Box'. If you're not getting what you want it's your present way of thinking that has created your present...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6816 Comments

Box? What box? By: Mark Semple

It is a given that creative thinking is not always problem-solving. Yet, we are looking to achieve, to produce, and to make something different happen. I would not use the term 'problem-solving' in...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6934 Comments

The One and Only Right Way... By: Tom Schreiter

Well, maybe I could force myself to suffer for a month or two, but after a period of continued suffering, I'd look for another way of doing the business that was more comfortable for meunless I'd...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6976 Comments

To Be or Not to Be? By: Michael York

Before we can "BE" anything, we must commit to BECOMING! Being is what many people say they want or wish for. "I wish I could be..." Why can't you? How could you? Shakespeare's...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 7981 Comments

Paul's "BE" Attitudes for Daily Living By: Paul Morris

1. Learn to SEE the positive. In other words look for the positive in everything. If you look for it you will find it. Napoleon Hill said that contained within every adversity is a seed of...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6362 Comments

God is a Salesman By: TNMM Editor

The first question readers will ask when opening GOD IS A SALESMAN is "what has God got to do with sales?" According to Stevens, "God is a salesman, because He is an influencer, an educator, and...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6921 Comments

3 Attributes in Thinking Outside the Box By: George Madiou

The less successful people I come in contact with (especially the ones who have a track record of not succeeding) always see the negative side of what could go wrong. These people are disrupted by...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6721 Comments

The two choices we face By: Jim Rohn

Each of us has two distinct choices to make about what we will do with our lives. The first choice we can make is to be less than we have the capacity to be. To earn less. To have less. To read...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6739 Comments

Self-knowledge: The key to preparing for competition By: Denis Waitley

The acquisition of knowledge, which is the new global power, is a life-long experience, not a collection of facts or skills. Not long ago, what you learned in school was largely all you needed to...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6878 Comments

Expect Miracles By: Mary K Weinhagen

"That was the plan", Mack said grinning broadly, "and sometimes even the best laid plans need revising. We have a stop to make before we meet the others at the restaurant so grab your bag and...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6541 Comments

Ignore the Memo: Fly Anyway By: John David Mann

Among our motley crew, I was the one blessed with unusually forward-thinking parents - parents who believed in me and us and our vision enough to let me leave my mind-numbing career at our local...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 7128 Comments

The Leader's Leader - Authority in Action By: Jack Lannom

The story of one of history's most awe-inspiring leaders is found in the pages of the Old Testament. Moses led the people of Israel away from their lives of wretched slavery in Egypt and shepherded...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6971 Comments

Think outside the box… Create a structure for personal development: Evaluate your progress on a regular basis By: Joe Rubino

The decision to make each day an opportunity to take on some area of personal development means we have committed ourselves to the challenge of continual and never ending improvement in some aspect...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 7309 Comments

All you want is within your reach By: Chris Widener

You see, the world is within your reach. Any job you want can be yours if you decide. All of the opportunities are there for the taking. The question is whether or not you will take. You say,...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6652 Comments

"Holes in your Vision" By: Kurt Wright

A vision is thus a repository for "holes" that serve as the activating mechanisms for creation. The energies around a "hole" in a vision are so powerful that they are frequently misinterpreted...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6967 Comments

It takes more than just Thinking Outside the Box By: Laura Johnson

Stop now and stop fast! Get out of your own way and examine who you are and what you believe and see if it is really serving you for what you want in life. Though there are many different beliefs...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 7066 Comments

The 4th Lie of Network Marketing on the Internet By: Benjamin Fitts

You could just load those into your email and blast out a bunch of emails, right? Well hopefully you're smart enough not to use your work computer for that kind of thing. Instead, you've decided...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 7380 Comments

Being Present By: Kat McCarthy

That will be true of everyone who crosses your path; both in business and in your personal life. If you have teenagers, just imagine the impact of them feeling understood. Do you think anything...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 7022 Comments

Borrowing Volvo's Marketing Plan By: Sarah Robinson

If you try to use the same marketing message to reach both of them, you will reach neither of them. Let me borrow my example from the car industry. Now, anyone over 16 with the right amount of...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6539 Comments

Why goal setting doesn't work By: Robert Shemin

"I want to be a director, I want to be at the platinum level by a certain date, and I want to be a $100,000 or $250,000 money earner in six months." Yes it is ok to set lots of goals, but let's...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6768 Comments

From the Coalmines to the Gold Mines By: Karl Bessey

I always had that dreamer's disease. I would lie in bed at night and visualize being my own boss, running my own business and traveling the world visiting exotic locations. Being Debt free and...
Jan 1, 2008 Clicks: 6428 Comments


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