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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

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The dynamic duo of consistency and follow up will ensure your successful and continued journey down the road of success!

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Ever wonder why your efforts aren’t producing the results you want? Working from slips of paper, post it notes, and a shoe box full of business cards? Can’t keep track of leads? So far behind you have no clue how to catch up? Sounds like a plan would be helpful! Networking for over 25 years, it’s obvious to me that there are fundamental strategies and principles that are timeless in their value, help us stay focused and are a critical component to running a successful business. Without hesitation, being consistent in your work habits and following up remain key factors. This especially true in network marketing. When doing networking workshops, I remind participants they can work their business part time or full time but some time is not an option. Some time only works if you don’t want to move forward.

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Being consistent means having an action plan and a commitment to goals to achieve results that are measurable.

Choosing consistency as a way to operate sets a pattern that combats laziness, keeps you focused and strengthens your determination. Certain behaviors have a direct impact on how others view you – negatively or positively. Each of us know individuals who don’t do what they say, are always late and usually unfocused. While we may enjoy their company at parties or the movies, “negative” or non- productive people do not do well in business. Past experience has proven repeatedly, you can’t count on unreliable individuals because inconsistent behavior doesn’t foster confidence. On the other hand, we all have people in our lives who demonstrate reliability, only need to be asked once to complete any task and have built a reputation for positive performance.

Their consistent behavior is always evident. How does one make consistency a habit?

Take a look at your results behavior and identify where a well thought out plan is in your best interests. You may begin with daily to do lists, a reliable day timer or even a PDA. Decide that every business card you keep will be entered into your data base. Decide to say “Yes” only to a request you are committed to fulfill. Plan your schedule daily and promise to accomplish what you set out to do. Be honest with yourself. Only you know the demands in your life and only you know your responsibilities. If in reading this, I’ve hit a raw nerve, that’s exactly my intention. It is my desire to get you to change your behavior, consider the consequences of the bad business habits you have acquired and do something to change direction. The key is consistency. However, if you can pat yourself on the back for consistent, positive and productive behavior, maybe this article is simply great reinforcement. Once you get a handle on being consistent, it will be easy to master follow up and follow through. The following is one of the best representations of consistency and The Power of Follow Up. It continues to be my favorite illustration. A businessman’s equipment lease was up at the end of May, 2006 and he was in the process of relocating when out of the blue he received a call from a salesperson named David Reed. David said, “Several years ago we spoke about upgrading your telephone system and you told me you had just signed a lease. You suggested I call back in three years. Well, it’s been 3 years and I’m following up. When would be the best time for me to stop by and help you create a cutting-edge telephone system for your new office that will give you everything you need at a surprisingly reasonable investment?” Talk about unbelievable follow up! Sure enough, the individual signed the contract for a new system and was indeed pleased at the cost. What did David do that made this a win-win situation for both companies? He did what most salespeople do not do. He followed up on a lead and did what his prospect asked him to do. He assessed the problem, designed a solution that provided the features and benefits asked for, presented it with honesty, conviction and confidence. David without a doubt has great face-to-face selling skills. They would’ve done him no good whatsoever if he had not followed up on the lead from three years ago! I rest my case.

Network marketing demands follow up.

A lead not interested today, may be open to the product or service you offer at a later time. Do you write personal notes after meeting someone with whom you wish to stay connected? (By the way, email is a lazier form of communication. It is, however, better than no communication). Do you send articles that may be of interest to a potential client? Do you invite prospects to an upcoming event that may be beneficial to them? Do you introduce people you know to people they need to know? Do you refer business to others that are not a good fit for what you offer? Are you a consistent listener?

Dale Carnegie said it best: “You can make more friends in 3 weeks by listening to others than you can in 3 years by expecting others to listen to you.”

Do the unexpected. Get feedback. Ask for advice on a plan you have, a better idea on how to do something, etc. Effective connectors are honored when someone asks for their opinion or expertise. It shows them you have confidence and trust in their judgment. Show someone your company’s payment plan and ask for their thoughts. Maybe you can provide a “trial period” for a product or service and follow up for their feedback.

Be a consistent initiator. Don’t wait to be invited to something. Take the lead.

Include others and make them feel comfortable and important. Everyone loves invitations and being somewhere with you may just be the open door to do business. Continue dialogues that are mutually beneficial over coffee, lunch or in the café at your local bookstore. This is another way to follow up. What do consistency and follow up have in common? Everything! If you are consistent, then it’s likely you will stay in touch with MLM CUSTOMERS, nurture leads and set an example for others by your actions. Following up demonstrates interest in others, commitment to your product or service and reliability.

When consistent, others recognize you in positive light.

We all know individuals who always get asked to “take charge”, share their input or volunteer. We ask help from reliable, consistent and get the job done kind of people. Do others ask you? If not, why not? You never know who will meet you and the difference that encounter will have on their lives. You never know who you will meet and the difference that person can make in your life. It comes down to consistency in your business, in your behavior, in your plan and your commitment to be of service to others. The dynamic duo of consistency and follow up will ensure your successful and continued journey down the road of success! Until next time, make every connection count. Bonnie Ross-Parker
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