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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

MLM Network Magazine Dec 2010

Art and Power of Persuasion vs. Manipulation By: George Madiou

Now what does this have to do about my article this month? Well first of all I am grateful for all of the well wishers that I have heard from. But most of all I feel that I have been blessed with...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1851 Comments

One of Life's Great Lessons Learn to be Thankful for What You Already Have By: Jim Rohn

My gratitude starts with my parents who raised me, gave me an incredible foundation that has lasted me all of these years and continues with the mentors that I've met along the way who absolutely...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1720 Comments

Going Full Circle By: Denis Waitley

My new mission, based upon the sobering aftermath of September 11th, is to be a role model for these words I have altered slightly from MY CREED by Dean Alfange: “I do not choose to be a...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1584 Comments

Women Talk By: Mary K Weinhagen

But this difference is one of the big reasons I see network marketing... which is basically word-of-mouth marketing, to be a perfect fit for women. Combine a woman's desire to share about a 'good...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1388 Comments

The Art and Power of Persuasion vs Manipulation A Coach's Perspective By: Terri Levine

Why the word manipulation should receive such bad press compared to persuasive is interesting, because there isn't a great deal of difference between the two, other than the "intent" behind...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1984 Comments

Becoming A Network Marketing Talent Scout By: Sue Seward

Becoming a talent scout vs a recruiter can be more productive in the long run. I remember first starting out in Network Marketing. We were taught to become recruiters. Everyone was a potential...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1610 Comments

What Matters Most Now? By: Elizabeth Harrington

Sam also felt it was too late now for him to begin anew. At 64 he was just going to deal with the harsh realities of his diminished resources – looking forward to his social security check?...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1453 Comments

I Am Woman... Hear Me... RAVE! By: Elizabeth Harrington

Today we have to trust enough to even listen to the message long enough and with enough interest to build belief, THEN make a decision as to whether or not we are going to whip out the...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1468 Comments

Becoming NOT NORMAL: It's Not About The Money... (Sort Of) By: Michael York

They’re RICH. Wildly SUCCESSFUL. They’re AFFLUENT. They’re GENEROUS, often to a fault. They’re HAPPY. They’re FREE to do whatever it is they’re PASSIONATE about and often that means...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1623 Comments

Arthur's Corner By: Arthur Tugman

~ We are today what our mind has made us we can avoid tomorrow whatever we think will break us Arthur Tugman ~ Long-term success will come every time you team up Arthur Tugman ~ You can...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1411 Comments

What a Woman Wants By: Becky Spieth

Nearly 88% of all Direct Sellers are women. Over 83% of household spending decisions are made by women. Almost 80% of all sales involve face to face selling (direct selling). Let’s answer the...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1548 Comments

Women in Network Marketing... A force one cannot ignore By: Debbie Madiou

Social Networking Women are entrenched in social networking in their lives. This helps women build relationships which are important to selling products and recruiting. Young women like Party...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1442 Comments

Discovering the Perfect YOU! By: Gary Coxe

Once it was revealed to him, he decided to keep celebrating it on the wrong day. It was easier than changing it and all the work that would come with changing all of his records. What's my point?...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1599 Comments

Persuasion Can Open Any Door By: Barbara Pellegrino

Unless you are a mind reader, the best way to do this is by asking open ended empowering… leading questions. Recently I was conducting a coaching session with a client and she said... “I was...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1504 Comments

The Art and Power of Persuasion vs. Manipulation By: Deb Bixler

All sales consultants know that everyone is a lead. The philosophy that the really good reps operate under is that it is their job to figure out which need they can serve in each client. In the...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1522 Comments

The Role of Leader and Coach By: Nicki Keohohou

Don’t take another’s dejection personally! When a team member is feeling discouraged about their business remember, it’s not about YOU... it’s about them! Whether pressure at work or...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1570 Comments

Persuasion vs Manipulation How to Become a Double Diamond By: Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

Many of them became distributors to get their own supply. So though I didn’t really intend to, I started to build my own multi-level downline. At the time I really didn’t care. I just...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1490 Comments

How to Gently and Ethically Persuade Your Prospects, Without Crossing the Sleazy Line of Manipulation! By: David Feinstein

The main reason is that it’s frustrating to see how it taints our reputation because of a few bad apples. But to be fair, you can also look at it through the angle of some network marketers who...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1918 Comments

Organic Social Media By: Karen Clark

Marketing your business and building an online presence through social media should be about connecting with people, not collecting people. Think about your “in real life” networking events....
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1518 Comments

Your Date With Destiny By: Chris Widener

The Mental Question: Do you believe that you can achieve a life of abundance? The frank truth is that many people simply do not believe that they can achieve what lies in their heart. Success is...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1638 Comments

Impress for Business Success By: Ted Henry

Harsh? Perhaps, but the reality is that over 80 percent of both the male and female workforce dress inappropriately for their office, their industry, and the target market they are serving and...
Dec 1, 2010 Clicks: 1306 Comments


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