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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

MLM Network Magazine Feb 2010

Live by the Motto that Repeat Business and Profitability are Directly Related to Relationships Based on Trust By: Denis Waitley

With rare exceptions, people who feel valued – who are allowed to feel important in the sense that they are recognized – answer with openness, cooperation and reciprocated respect. If you want...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1824 Comments

Kiss That Frog! - Personal Communication By: Jeffrey Babener

So, what’s the impact of the high tech tools like the Internet on your success in recruiting? Well, our experience suggests that we definitely have a step forward in communication, but not...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1574 Comments

It's a Family Affair By: DSWA - Direct Selling Women's Al

You can pay them up to $5700 each per year. At the end of the year, Sam, your Uncle, will increase your tax refund by about $2000 for each child from 7 to 18 years of age. Whoa, that sounds almost...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1506 Comments

How “No” Can Take Your Business to the Next Level! By: Andrea Waltz

Change your mental model of “success” and “failure” Most people operate with the following mental model: SUCCESS FAILURE They see themselves in the middle, with success on one...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1419 Comments

Overcoming Self-Imposed Money Limitations By: Jim Britt

This is how most people feel when it comes to making more money. No matter how hard they try, they end up year after year with a repeat performance of the last, and in the end with barely enough...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1837 Comments

Show Me The Money 5 Ways to Earn More! By: George Madiou

A little time might pass or a significant amount of time like months or even years. Those hopes and dreams are long gone that enticed us into getting in our own business. You might have invested...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1893 Comments

The Miracle of Personal Development By: Jim Rohn

I've also found that income rarely exceeds personal development. Sometimes income takes a lucky jump, but unless you learn to handle the responsibilities that come with it, it will usually shrink...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1874 Comments

The Power is In the WANTING By: John Milton Fogg

And that's something we can ALL do - we've been doing it ALL our lives. We were born wanting. Think of an infant that wants to be fed or changed. Think of a child wanting candy or a toy or...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1595 Comments

Crush What By: Sue Seward

There was a sales job on Craig’s List that looked interesting and the local office was close. Then I had to write up a resume. Geez, it’s been a long time! Have not been on a JOB interview or...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1524 Comments

So how much money can I really make in my network marketing business? By: Tom Schreiter

How much extra part-time income can you expect? Do you want $500 extra per month? $1,500 extra per month? Or, $5,000 extra per month? You be the judge. It depends on the time you are willing to...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 2514 Comments

Learning to Live a Leveraged Life By: Gary Eby

The “length” of the lever... and the “strength” of the lever have a lot more to do with the outcome than the amount of pressure that is applied or the amount of work that is involved...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1383 Comments

Bring it On! By: Linda Yates

Adversity comes in many forms. It is also in the eye of the beholder. What you may find as a challenge, I may see it differently. So being sensitive to others and the experiences they go through...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1299 Comments

The Five "A's" to Marketing Yourself By: Linda Yates

Appearance: This is an important aspect of how people perceive us. Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair that how we dress or look weighs so heavily. The reality is that those who we do business with...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 2019 Comments

How Can I Earn More Money? By: Sean Murphy

If I could be so bold as to suggest you may want to look at OUTCOME, meaning do you know why that income was generated, as opposed to how? Take a look at this Magazine, a year ago when George...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1616 Comments

Why Without a System for Your Network Marketing Business, You Could be up a Creek Without a Paddle! By: David Feinstein

Now, let’s be clear. When I talk about having a system in place, I’m not talking about the newest flashy Internet system supposedly designed to generate 20 leads per day into your business, on...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1697 Comments

How to Earn More Money in a Down Economy than Most People Earn in a Robust One! By: David Feinstein

but the truth is that they simply know that earning money simply means that you find a group (or rather groups) of people, and give them exactly what they want or need. The fact is that people...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1868 Comments

The Myth of What We Manage By: Chris Widener

We don't manage money. A pile of money will sit there forever if left alone. It won't grow or shrink. What we manage is ourselves and the decisions we make in regard to how we will spend the...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1638 Comments

How to Make Real Cash, Right Now! By: Dale Calvert

DID YOU KNOW? "More than 724,000* people report that eBay is their primary or secondary source of income and another 1.5 million say eBay is a supplemental source of income. (*An increase of...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1861 Comments

Money on the Move By: Michael York

In fact, being able to adapt to new trends and seize timely opportunities are the very reason those companies and organizations are still around today (or not). MLM CUSTOMERS are moving and the...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1487 Comments

How Can I Earn More Money? By: RS Mallory

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, that’s interesting, isn’t it? Since Network Marketing is based on building an income from the efforts (or purchases) of others (team building) and SUSTAINING that income, month...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1526 Comments

Arthur's Corner By: Arthur Tugman

~ Good leaders have confidence in themselves and providence from higher-ups Arthur Tugman ~ Confidence can be conveyed to great leadership comes the people that stayed Arthur Tugman ~...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1601 Comments

How Can I Earn More Money By: Kevin Abdulrahman

Thanks to inflation, the basic cost of living is on a continual growth with no consideration that many incomes are not keeping up with it. Many are left staring at a grim picture of realizing...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1626 Comments

A few simple tips for tapping into your hidden potential during challenging times By: Russell Foster

When things are down, such as home prices, this is the time for keen investors to take advantage of lower prices. The same goes with stock prices; who wants to buy in at the top? The astute...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1360 Comments

Make It Happen By: Stanford Cohan

We realize we are partners who have determined their lives shall be a product of complete honesty, no secrets and the ability to talk about things before we unilaterally jump into the wrong...
Feb 1, 2010 Clicks: 1265 Comments


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