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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

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Let your vision and decision for a better future consume you and drive your actions.

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One of my favorite analogies that most of us at one time or another can identify with making money... or the lack of, is about the determined fly. You’ve no doubt witnessed a fly beating its head against a window trying desperately to get to freedom. It’s a life-or-death futile attempt to fly through the glass. You can tell by the sound that in his mind he’s thinking “I must try harder.” But it’s just not working! Or maybe a fly can’t think... but you get the picture. No matter how hard it tries, we both know that the fly will never break through the glass and is doomed to die. We also know with just a few seconds of flying in the right direction, it could be free from its self-imposed trap... and with only a fraction of the effort. Yet he continues to beat his head against the glass until he dies. Without a doubt this approach makes sense to the fly - otherwise he would stop!

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This is how most people feel when it comes to making more money. No matter how hard they try, they end up year after year with a repeat performance of the last, and in the end with barely enough to survive.

While it does require some effort, the point is that trying harder is not always the solution to earning more.

They say that “persistence and practice makes perfect” but that’s not altogether true if you are trying harder persisting and practicing the wrong thing like the fly. Let’s face it. Most of us from time to time feel that life is just one big financial struggle with a series of never ending money problems. Yet the truth is that life does not have to be that way. In fact, it can be just the opposite.

Earning more should not be about struggle. Earning more is about pursuing and creating what we truly desire in an easy, stress-free manner.

Think about it. Which is easier, struggle to earn more, or having all you want? Let me ask you a serious question: Do you really want to earn more but it seems to elude you? And why is it that it seems like such a struggle to create the things we want anyway?

Here’s the real answer: If you are not earning all the money you want it is because your subconscious holds some contradictory intentions. In other words you want something and your subconscious doesn’t.

For example you might say, “I want to earn more money.”, but your dominant subconscious belief may be, “Earning the amount of money I want seems impossible”. Notice anything different about these two statements? Of course! One program wants more and the other says it’s impossible. That’s what creates the struggle. You are going in different directions. It’s like driving your car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the break and wondering why you are not getting anywhere. So, what is this “Subconscious mind” that seems so mysterious? The conscious mind is simply the one you are using to read this article, or to make decisions about your life affairs. The subconscious mind is your programming... the sum total of your experiences in life. The reality is, because of past programming, or experiences, your conscious and subconscious are almost always in conflict. You consciously say, "I want more money" and then after listening, your subconscious checks in and says, “Hold on a minute. Money was hard to get as a child, or you lost everything before so you don’t need to try again,” or whatever. So it concludes that "No matter what you do, it is too difficult to create that amount of money". As a result there is no agreement to make a change and they cancel each other out and give up on assisting you to create more money.

What’s important to understand is that the two different agendas are creating an emotion or feeling that actually attracts that which you do not desire instead of what you do desire.

Let me explain to you what is really happening. Once a firm decision is made to have more money (doesn’t matter how much) the message is sent to the subconscious and it is carried out with precision. This is the Law of Attraction in action. Once a decision is made, one that doesn’t allow for anything less, what you have firmly decided begins its journey back to you. It is no longer susceptible to any argument whatsoever. The subconscious mind cannot argue. It only acts. It accepts the conclusions of the conscious mind as final. So the point is that you have to consciously override what the subconscious is telling you, just like pushing “Delete” on your computer. To put it simply, every decision you make has its own energetic vibrational harmony. That decision is impressed onto your subconscious mind. Then, through the Law of Attraction it will energetically attract another person, place, thing or circumstance that has a vibrational harmony that matches yours. So when you receive what you don’t want, it simply means that your conscious decision has been overridden by your conflicting belief. Why? Because the decision was not a firm one that sent the right signal to the subconscious. If you send a “Half Baked” decision, “I am going to give this business a try and see if it works” what vibrational harmony are you creating? And this is simple to tell. When you look at what you are receiving you know exactly what you are sending. Your subconscious mind cooperates completely with your conscious decision when it understands and agrees with what you consciously want. In other words, when the decision is firm, your conscious and subconscious are not in conflict. So what do you do to change? First, decide what it is you want... a decision that doesn’t allow for anything less. Then begin to consciously observe when you are feeling any emotional conflict. That is your inner guidance telling you that you are not acting in harmony with your decision. Once the decision is made, the next step to change is the act of self-observation. When you feel conflict, act as though you have come to an intersection with a red light flashing and a sign that reads “Right turn on red after stop.” Then ask yourself before you proceed, “Is this action going to take me in the direction I want to go, or am I acting on old programming?”

If you do nothing else, remember that you MUST correct and STOP the negative attraction IN THE MOMENT IT HAPPENS if you are serious about getting rid of the self-imposed limitation.

So, how would you rate your performance to date? Are you achieving the results you want with the effort you are expending? It’s impossible to change if you don’t do something in a different way. The problem is that people most often go with the obvious. We rely on the same thinking, same habits and behaviors we’ve used in the past, productive or not, because it’s what we know. In fact, most of us are like the fly on the window, trying harder and harder, doing more of the same and getting nowhere fast. We resist new approaches because they make us feel more at risk... more uncomfortable. Know this. Financial success is just outside your comfort zone. Make sure that you have a burning desire, backed by a firm decision, and an internal heat hot enough to move you past just wishful thinking. Let your vision and decision for a better future consume you and drive your actions.

Only your vision, decision and your passion hold the power to allow you to go the distance. Let your (mind) decision and vision direct your actions and let your heart (passion) take charge of your move forward!

Decide what you are worth and feed the feelings that fuel your passion. Then give yourself permission to go after what you want most. Give yourself permission to earn more. Let your deepest desires to be wealthy direct you. Set your sites high enough so that you challenge yourself to live fully. Otherwise a part of you remains asleep, your talents remain hidden, your income remains the same and your performance becomes that of a constant state of struggle. Let’s make today just 1%, or more, better than yesterday. You in? Awesome!
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