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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

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Taking personal responsibility will give you a better chance to overcome any economy.

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Taking personal responsibility will give you a better chance to overcome any economy. Here are 5 ways to earn more money. Take charge and make a difference in your life within the next 90 days. 1) Get serious about the business you’re in. Don’t dabble. 2) If what you are doing isn’t working, move on to something that will. 3) Become a better you, and your business will reflect that, and the money will come. 4) Engage in Joint Venture activity. 5) Explore alternative “out of the box” opportunities. Get serious about the business you’re in. Don’t dabble. Too many of us are in business and are not fully engaged. We’re introduced to an opportunity that gets us all excited and stirs up the hopes and dreams of a better life and we join a company. After joining, we may attend some meetings. We may even tell some people, that we would like to have as MLM CUSTOMERS or even business builders with us.

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A little time might pass or a significant amount of time like months or even years. Those hopes and dreams are long gone that enticed us into getting in our own business. You might have invested money, but one thing is for sure, you certainly haven’t earned the money you dreamed about. What happened? Did you start your business with the commitment to do what ever it takes to succeed and make the money you had hoped for and even more? Was that commitment equal to or more than the commitment you have toward your day job? Did you fall into the category of just dabbling at your new business?

Dabbling in business is the number one reason why people don’t earn money in their venture.

They spend too much time “setting up” their business. They spend too much time at the things that don’t put them face to face with prospects for their business. They don’t get on a path to success in their business, by seeking out mentors in their business that have already achieved what they want to achieve. Dabbling is the kiss of death for your business.

Rather than engaging in dabbling activities, reassess what you are doing and go for the income producing activities that will produce the results of earning more money.

If what you are doing isn’t working, move on to something that will. Too many people who get involved in an opportunity, stay with their company, despite the fact that it’s virtually impossible to earn money with that opportunity. The reason may be that the company has established too many obstacles to earn money. It could also be that once you got into your company, the products or services or the integrity of the company wasn’t what you thought it was when you were first introduced to the company. Many people love the hope and opportunity that network marketing has to offer, but they leave the industry because of a bad experience. There are millions of people around the world that are earning money. If you are not earning money at what you are doing, move on to another opportunity that fits who you are and what you have learned from the experience you have left.

Again, people are earning money every day, if you are doing all of the right things and your opportunity is not producing the desired outcome you are looking for, it makes no sense to keep spending years doing the same thing. Move on!

Become a better you and your business will reflect that, and the money will come. Jim Rohn use to say that success will come when you work harder on yourself than you work on your business. When you become a better, more skillful, more knowledgeable you, your value goes up to those around you that you are looking to serve. The more of an expert you become the more valuable you become. This works in any field, so why wouldn’t it work for you. How do you go about increasing your skill sets and knowledge? Get up a half hour earlier and read, read, read your way to success. Seek out people who have done what you want to accomplish and understand how they got where they got, and adapt yourself to what you learn from them. You can contact them directly or go to talks and seminars they give. You can read everything that they have written on your area of interest. Don’t leave your mentor search to just the people you can contact or even those that are still alive. Some of the mentors that have helped me develop skill sets are some of the greatest leaders, teachers and coaches that have reigned in history. When we started www.TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com almost 5 years ago, we brought together over 200 contributors that had one common desire, which was to help you. We became so dedicated to that mission that we dropped the $97 membership cost and made the magazine free of charge so money would not be an excuse for any networker to miss being exposed to this way of becoming a better you.

Have you taken advantage of this great resource? It’s not too late. Every issue and every article is still available to you and your team.

Encourage your team to become a better you also! Become a better you and watch how you’ll be able to earn more money! Engage in Joint Venture activity. Often we can make far more money at what we are engaged in when we team up with others. When we team up with people who can put us in front of MLM CUSTOMERS, that we would not other wise be able to contact, it is worth splitting earnings on activities that we wouldn’t have anyway. Look for people who could use your product or service and who has a sphere of influence with people you don’t know and team up with them! The more joint ventures you can set up the more you can earn. You will find that many people will want to team up with you because you are delivering the hardest part of the joint venture. Joint Venture to increase your earning power! Explore alternative “out of the box” opportunities There are always opportunities that come to our attention. Just because they are opportunities, doesn’t mean that we should pursue everything that we’re exposed to.

The opportunities that come to our attention that are congruent to what we are doing or what our core desires are, we should explore.

We may be exposed to another opportunity that doesn’t conflict with the business that we are involved in. We may come across an opportunity to learn a new skill that peaks our interest, such as how to make money selling on eBay (see Dale Calvert’s article this month.) No matter what you do, keep an open mind and keep your eye on “out of the box” opportunities that will increase your ability to earn more money. Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder
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