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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

MLM Network Magazine Mar 2011

Motivation from Within By: Denis Waitley

The Inner Drive Behavioral scientists have found that independent desire for excellence is the most telling predictor of significant achievement. In other words, the success of our efforts...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1679 Comments

In Search of Wealth By: Mary K Weinhagen

The data revealed some discoveries that may startle you: At the end of the twenty years, 101 of the 1,500 had become millionaires. Of the millionaires, all but one – 100 out of 101 – were...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1306 Comments

The Top 10 Secrets of The Marketing Process By: Seth Godin

6. Focusing obsessively on one niche... ...one feature and one market is almost always a better idea than trying to satisfy everyone. 7. At some point, you’re either going to have to stick...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1591 Comments

Laser Minute Topic: Take a Risk By: Steve Dailey

Got a project that represents a bucketful of unknowns? Great! How about the telephone call to a prospect that you've been putting off? Go for it! Don't delay any longer on the business you've been...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1517 Comments

4 Steps to Financial Freedom By: Dale Calvert

How do we know if we are on the right track? Look at the successful people within our industry. Do they have what you want? If they do, then you are on the right track. We all have friends and...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1609 Comments

Wealth Is a Four Letter Word! By: Ted Henry

If you don’t have it, you hate it and at the same time you want YOUR Share of it! You deserve your share! Wealth changes lives! People die because of wealth and at the same time lives are...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1343 Comments

THE WISDOM OF WEALTH: You Becoming Richer! By: Michael York

We trade value that the marketplace, and individuals in it will gladly pay for. Money is something we attract by the person we BECOME. Value is something we create to receive payment from the...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1450 Comments

Cracking the Rich Code How to Fly First Class Every Time By: Jim Britt

I ate at the local diner, selecting the least expensive meal even if it wasn’t something I liked. Being broke was simply the way things were, and without even a high school degree, I didn’t...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1672 Comments

Arthur's Corner By: Arthur Tugman

~ Believe me when I tell you I’m a seeker of truth but doubt anyone who says they have found it. Arthur Tugman ~ Failure can be successful if it causes you to learn a lesson...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1298 Comments

Wealth and Network Marketing By: Debbie Madiou

Duplication is modeling your behavior by demonstrating everything you do. Lead by example. Get your group on webinars and meet them at meetings so your team can feel that they are part of a...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1566 Comments

A Brief History of MLM By: Robert Butwin

In direct selling, goods are produced by entrepreneurs and are sold by them directly or through sales organizations made up of individual sales people. Around 1860, from direct selling, using a...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1443 Comments

The Many Faces of Wealth By: Terri Levine

If you hang around, languishing along with the economy waiting for a sign from the heavens, then you are missing important signs and opportunities. You're like one of those horses wearing blinkers....
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1585 Comments

A Network Marketing Business Versus a Bank Savings Program By: Tom Schreiter

Also, some of your $4,000 may be tax deductible as business expenses. And because you're in business for yourself, you may even have other business expenses to deduct too. These additional annual...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1852 Comments

The Secret to Finding Wealth Faster Than You've Ever Imagined! By: David Feinstein

Again, that depends on the person who holds the money. Someone of average income would likely look at that person and think that they’d never want to be that way. That they’d never want to be...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1653 Comments


Mentors can shorten your learning curve dramatically. This is one of the reasons TNMM is so valuable. We provide a wealth of knowledge through a plethora of highly successful people who willingly...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1811 Comments

Wealth Financial or Otherwise By: George Madiou

Wealth can be measured by the amount of money spent on a project to earn far more than is invested. Sometimes this is a lot, and sometimes it is less than is spent, hopefully the investment pays...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1661 Comments

Life Is Art By: Jim Rohn

Ten times ten is always one-hundred Thirty divided by three is always ten Seven plus seven is always fourteen Fifty minus twenty-five is always twenty-five There is always just one answer in...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1716 Comments

You Can't Meet In The Middle By: Mark Semple

At some point, you may realize that you are in different spaces and that there seems to be quite a gap between you. The most obvious solution to bridge this gap is to meet in the middle. Which,...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1304 Comments

Why Get Rich When You Can Be Wealthy? By: Chris Widener

Rich people are people with lots of money. Wealthy people are people who are rich in life. This would include financial stability and freedom, but goes deeper into spiritual health, emotional and...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1528 Comments

Wealth Real or Imaginary? By: Barbara Pellegrino

Real wealth is an attitude, sure it helps if you have lots and lots and lots of money, but to be truly wealthy one needs to display at attitude of abundance. I like the Stuart Wilde”s quote from...
Mar 1, 2011 Clicks: 1478 Comments


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