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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

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I look at opportunities when someone I trust creates the link between an opportunity and what it may offer me.

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Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and was distracted by the “ding” of a new email popping into my inbox. Looking for an excuse from the somewhat routine task I was completing I eagerly swung into action and opened it. It was an email from a dear friend regarding a job opportunity that she thought I would be perfect for. Like many people social media activity presents many “opportunities” each day – either formally such as via networking groups I belong to and industry based organizations I subscribe to and informally through Facebook and twitter posts and at various direct selling events that I attend. Almost all of these I ignore. However from the email my trusted friend sent me I took the time to follow the included link and thoroughly read the job description. Why did I do that this time when I discard without even really opening other “opportunities” that present?

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The answer is quite simple really – she knows me well and I trust her.

Many times she has communicated to me my worth and potential so clearly that I came to see it in myself. It was a purposeful message and I was left thinking “how generous of her to think of me” followed quickly a second thought “wow she really sees a good fit here for me this opportunity is worth exploring.” Then I started thinking. Why do I choose to look at some opportunities and ignore others that might be equally as valuable? And my answer to that is it is always when someone I trust creates the link between an opportunity and what it may offer me. For example: my entry into the party plan profession. This came about as a result of a close friend (who was sitting next to me at a presentation) digging me in the ribs and saying “you could do this you know – it would fit perfectly into your life.” Indeed she was correct. It did. Why did I embrace the opportunity as she suggested? Because knowing my life’s circumstance and me at the time she made the link for me. She clearly opened the door of opportunity without anything to gain for herself. It was a simple authentic observation shared by someone whose integrity I trusted. And there is that word “trust” again. As people in the direct sales profession there is a lot we can learn from other industries about missed opportunities for sharing great opportunities. For a month now my daughter has been in the market to purchase a car. Several times she has got close to closing a deal but something always prevented it – finance seller retracting the offer etc. She was beginning to despair that she would ever get a car she wanted at a price she could afford without endless running around and lots of “dead ends”. Then a few nights ago one of her friends was over for dinner and hearing her stories about the frustrations of buying a car said to her “have you looked at xyz dealership? I saw they are offering $0 deposit and 5 years finance at $0 % interest?” What an opportunity to get into the new car market! Guess what happened next? 48 hours later she had chosen the colour and model and will have delivery within a week of a brand new car with an exceptional deal! She couldn’t be happier. - and it was simply because her friend shared the opportunity she had seen advertised. It’s a shame there isn’t a kickback for any referrals. In fact it’s a shame that the dealer (a woman to boot) didn’t ask my daughter “…and who do you know that may be interested in a deal such as this? How might I be of service to your friends and family?” She (the dealer) would have been opening the door to a potential referral network of many because you can bet that as soon as my daughter has the keys in her hand there will be some photos posted on her Facebook page. But she hasn’t been prompted to consider who such an opportunity to get into the new car market and therefore generate referral through a trusting network of friends. So how might we maximize this potential for our own businesses? Almost all of my business to date has presented via personal connections. In fact 90% of my consulting and coaching business comes through my female colleagues and friends. For anyone involved in the direct selling industry this is certainly a measurable worth tracking. Questions to ask yourself might include such things as “who are the biggest promoters of my product or service?” “Whom are they promoting it to? Friends family colleagues etc.” Keeping track of these referrals gives a good insight into what potential clients/team members are interested in and why. It can also give you deeper insight into your core strengths and what is resonating with people and you have an opportunity then to those who are referring your service and strengthen your relationship with them. So what’s the takeaway value from this? Never be afraid of the “…and do you know who might find value in (insert product/service)” question when you have a delighted customer.

Women are generally generous and insightful communicators and also very happily influenced by trusted friends and colleagues who they believe are coming from a place of truth and integrity are considering your best interests and who help to create a link between the opportunity and the potential for you and others.

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