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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

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I enthusiastically invite you to join my growing alliance of passionate purposed people pursuing what I call BetterHalf Living.

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How’s life? I mean really... how’s life going for you... right now. Hmmm… And me? Thanks for asking. Well it’s pretty awesome really. You see I’m right around the turning point for the second half of my life... and the outlook is amazing. I’ve got more to look forward to more knowledge relationships and tools at my disposal and more wisdom ideas and ambition than ever before in my life! For some the realization that they have eclipsed half time in life is a bit frightening. They buy into being “over the hill”. They start to feel an uneasy weakness creeping in to everyday life – either mental/emotional or physical or both – and it’s scary. And they start to believe corrosive mind talk like “I can’t” or “I’m too old” or “the best has past”. If that’s you then my goal for the next few minutes is to help you see a little different spin on this station in life... so that the outlook for you is just as awesome as it is for me. And if you are already there then welcome to the club – and by the time I’m done you’ll be enthusiastically joining my growing alliance of passionate purposed people pursuing what I call BetterHalf Living. I’m Steve Dailey. And like you I’ve crested the proverbial hill with the rest of the millions of us baby-boomers that are marching through time at a lively relentless pace. As I record this there will be more of us reaching 60 years old this year than ever before in our country’s history. And quite an army we are. We represent more buying power more intellectual insight and more life experience than any generation before us. We have navigated more change more identity crisis and more speed in transition than modern science could ever have predicted. And we have had our hand in influencing more of the same faster than any generation before as well.

As a result of this phenomenal ride through the global story one thing – if not the only thing – that is certain is that the second half of our lives will not be the same as the second half of the lives lived before us.

As we head in to the home stretch of life most of us really aren’t slowing down like our parents did – or are. The notion of retirement though a nice idea doesn’t resonate like it did for others before us.

There’s something that seems irreverent or even ridiculous about the model of retirement that we have been taught by generations before us. “Stopping” or even “slowing down” seems a waste – boring even. We feel fine – and actually are spending a lot of time on feeling finer. We have unfulfilled itches incomplete aspirations things we skipped over... things we’d like to do over.

And what a very large quiet majority of us know all too well is that “retiring” in the context of stopping income producing activity on a daily basis is a ridiculously far off notion. Among the many lightening bolt changes our generation has endured – and one that continues to keep us guessing - is an economic upheaval that has left us frantically recalibrating… or at worse feeling somewhat hopeless. So retirement – again – is a busted paradigm. Meanwhile there is an array of later-in-life issues we are dealing with that don’t have precedent – like the real possibility of outliving our financial resources the new opportunity – or burden depending on how you look at it – of taking care of aging parents at the same time as our kids or adult children... and other issues that have both emotional and economic impact right where we live. Sure some of us – like those that seem to be consistently (even annoyingly) featured on those popular magazine covers promoting “the good life” have had the fortune of making it all work the way it’s supposed to on the financial front. But even those folks are facing un-fulfillment at a never-before measured scale – time energy money all on their hands with what easily can count as a whole lifetime ahead. So in demanding unison we ask “Where to we go from here?!” And that’s where BetterHalf Living comes in. Consider an analogy. Think about a sporting event. In an athletic contest where there are two teams competing for a final victory there are usually two halves. As the teams take the halftime break they face the reality good or bad of what just occurred while also anxiously considering the uncertainty of what will come next. There’s also a reality that the outcome of the entire contest is not yet declared. The team that didn’t do well could have made dozens of mistakes zero points on the board and no momentum whatsoever – but if they make the right adjustments and come out of halftime with the right conviction they can turn it all around in exactly the same amount of time that they set themselves up for failure just prior. And likewise the team that gets to the halftime winning – well they could have all the momentum all the points all the phenomenal plays and all the referee calls going their way but in a matter of moments all of that could turn to disappointment. In either case the history of the first half doesn’t really matter. Either team resting or relaxing or relinquishing that the first half predicted the second half surrenders the final score to history – instead of their future efforts.

So it’s an interesting juxtaposition. Without the first half there wouldn’t be a second half – yet the part of the contest that seems to really matter most – the second half – will be how we define the game.

So such it is in life: those of us heading in to the second half are here because we earned it through the first half. And we too have the opportunity to allow or assume that the first half predicted the outcome of the second... or we can hit the virtual reset button and determine an extraordinary outcome. We have the experience the wisdom the lessons and the memories from the first period to pick and choose from learn from and make decisions with. We can choose to engage tenacity optimism and determination to impact the final outcome – or we can try to “ride it out” hoping that nothing deteriorates too terribly much... or much more. We have the opportunity to do life with sort of the sameness of the first half or – and this is where I stand – we can decide to make the second half the better half and make it known that we showed up played hard and claimed a victory. The great news is that there is no loser in life except the person that surrenders the outcome to chance or the forgone conclusion of history. For those of us that truly are on the field and putting all we have in to the experience – we win. Every one of us. So… the final score is defined in the second half. And if we choose to make the second half the better half the “score” will be one to really be proud of. Living the second half as the Better Half is a choice. But what do you do? We can decide we want it but what are the steps to get to it? I’ve no doubt you can take it from here. But I also know this: if you go alone you’ll miss some pretty rich stuff. You might need partners encouragers or advisors to challenge you celebrate with you or share ideas with. Or you might need a mentor or two to help you create a plan or make sure intention meets action. Or you might appreciate resources or tips or the experience of others. Well I have good news. All of that is what the BetterHalf Living Community is all about. There are big plans for this group of ambitious like-minded group of purposed people – and we are starting out humbly – sort of a grass roots approach. I invite you to become a founding member of our alliance – and it’s really easy. Simply go to Facebook and search for BetterHalf Living – then “like” the BetterHalf Living page. You’ll then instantly be part of the conversation. You’ll immediately dial in to everything that is going on as we build a dynamic community of people on the BetterHalf Living mission. I’ll also send you a private message containing a link to a special member-only program called Mindset. It is an audio blog – sent weekly to your inbox – containing rich insights tips and ideas for making the rest of your life – the best of your life. There will be insights on health money adventures advice unique to this stage of life and much much more. So go to Facebook – Like BetterHalf Living – and become part of the conversation…and the movement.

Let’s celebrate BetterHalf Living.

Coach Steve Dailey AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win © 2012 [email protected]
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