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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

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What are you holding on to? Don't give up your freedom because of your unwillingness to let go! Just keep it stupid simple.

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Today people are building their Network Marketing businesses faster and bigger than ever before. A lot of that is due in part to technology things like low cost long distance texting free nights and weekends on their cell phones voice mail fax on demand and particularly the internet with Websites Skype email blogs Social Networking such as Facebook Twitter Linked-In and Pinterest. (Plus dozens of other social networks)   But even with all of the high tech it is still important to integrate it with high touch in other words your “personal involvement” with the whole process.

Even with high tech the people need to be taught HOW to implement the USE of the high tech or it just will not be effective. This business is all about relationships!

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A new distributor does not bond with an auto-responder or a recorded message. People bond with other people. They don’t connect with a computer. There must be personal involvement for a lasting relationship to develop. So recruit all you want from online social media and lead generation systems but quickly get to work developing a relationship with them or you risk losing them to the next email they get. So with all that said let’s take a look at what it takes to build a solid long lasting business.   There are certain FUNCTIONS involved in building a successful Networking organization. I call them the “Mathematical Functions of building your business”. Each function is important and each function integrates with the other functions that when synergistically blended together it creates explosive growth of your organization.   So hang onto your seats… grab a pen and paper and get ready to learn.  Open up your mind because minds are like parachutes they only work when they are open! Remember my famous quote “Earners are Learners” and “Learners become Earners”. Paul Morris So get ready to learn whole bunch of new stuff.   Addition: The function of ADDITION is when you are “adding” NEW MLM CUSTOMERS and distributors to your organization by your own personal efforts. These are people who YOU personally introduce or “sponsor” into your program. They are people who you receive the credit for having introduced to the program. You are known as their “sponsor” or “enroller”. They may “spill over” into your downline or they may be “placed” under someone else but you are the one responsible for them joining.  

Addition or the act of recruiting or what we prefer to call sponsoring is an all the time ongoing process that you will never stop doing.

But before we go any further let’s take a look at the difference between recruiting and sponsoring.  Recruiting is when you just sign someone into your program and then do nothing to help them. Many of you know exactly what I am talking about because you have been “recruited” into programs in the past by someone you never heard from ever again. It was like “Ok sign here good bye good luck see ya later”. Sponsoring on the other hand is when you recruit someone but then immediately establish a “relationship” with that person and begin helping them build their business. You in a sense “accept responsibility for their success”. Or at least accept the responsibility of offering to them all that they need to succeed. It is always up to them to take at least some initiative. This is the reason you NEVER stop ADDING to your front line or your pool of personally sponsored distributors.

You lead by example and to show your distributors what they need to be doing you need to be doing it also. To set the example you should always be talking about the last person you just sponsored in the last few days.

This is to let your distributors know you are working to build your business. (Don’t overdo it or it will sound like you are bragging and it could make them jealous.) Just casually mention it so they get the message. Or use it as an instructional lesson of what you did and how you prospected and closed your new distributor.   You have all heard the expression “Your actions speak so loud that I cannot hear what you are saying”. Well this is a perfect example of what we are talking about.   You should always be talking about the person you just prospected at the supermarket or at the gas station or the dry cleaners. This creates a mind set with your new distributor that they should also be talking to people and prospecting all the time. You have heard of “follow the leader”; well this will set the pace for everyone in your organization. Show me a group that is growing and I will show you a leader in the upline that is working.  It is the old “monkey see monkey do” routine.   I am often asked by new distributors; “Hey Paul I just sponsored two new distributors last week what is the most important thing I can do for them?”

I answer; “sponsor two more new ones”.

They say; “no Paul you did not understand me I said I me I just sponsored two new distributors into the program what is the most important thing I can do for THEM?” Again I answer them; “Sponsor two more”. They retaliate. “Paul are you deaf I said I sponsored two new distributors… what is the most important thing I can do for THEM not me THEM my new distributors?”  I reply “I am not the one that is deaf I said YOU sponsor two new distributors that is the most important thing you can do for THEM because you need to set the example for them by SHOWING them what they should be doing for themselves by doing it yourself”. The second most important thing is to help them get started but the MOST important thing is for you to set the example. The person who recruits four new distributors and then says “okay I’m going to stop recruiting and just help the four people I just sponsored” is headed for failure. Unless of course ALL four new distributors go right to work doing three-way phone calls and holding meetings and require your full support.   So ADDITION is an ongoing never ending process that you will continue to do as long as you are actively building the business.   Multiplication:   If you just kept on ADDING by personally recruiting people on your front line by the time you get to the tenth person the first two have already quit. There is an expression I came up with years ago to illustrate the danger of just recruiting people front line to you…

“Shallow and wide is suicide”. You must help your new distributors get started.

The next function is MULTIPLICATION.  Multiplication is where you really begin to make maximum use of your time.   When you go to your neighbor’s house to make a presentation or meet a prospect at a Hotel Lobby or make a phone call to a friend or send out a single email to a personal friend you are spending a enormous amount of time in the process of introducing a single person (or couple) to your program. I call this “linear” use of your time.

When you learn the function of MULTIPLICATION you will begin to develop “leveraged” use of your time. “Leveraged” means that you can get so much more done with the same amount of effort.

A perfect example is a 500 pound rock. You cannot move it by yourself without any tools but take a smaller rock (we call that the fulcrum) and a long crowbar (the lever) and you can flip the rock over and over moving it wherever you want by wedging the crowbar under the large rock and placing it over the smaller rock. This is “leverage”. You got more done with the same or less effort.   So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can leverage your efforts and your time so that you can become a more efficient leader.   In prospecting you can go to a gas station where there are only one or two prospects or you can go to the local Fire Department’s annual chicken barbeque where there are hundreds of prospects. It is simply more efficient to be where there are lots of people instead of just a few.   In sponsoring you go back to your neighbor’s house go back to the Hotel lobby to meet with your new distributor or call back your friend who just joined the business or email back the person you just sponsored via the Internet except that this time you don’t have your neighbor bring one friend to their house you have them invite a dozen people over. You have your new distributors that you sponsored at the Hotel lobby meet you there with 4 or 5 of their friends. You have the person you sponsored by phone bring 5 or 6 of their friends to a conference call line where you can talk to all 5 or 6 of them all at once. Or if you have “Go To Meeting” Webinar capability you can have your new distributor bring their prospects to the Webinar. For building online you can email your new distributor that you sponsored from the Internet an email letter they can email to everyone in their email address book or email lists they may have.

This is MULTIPLICATION. You are putting forth the exact same effort as you did but you are getting many times the results because you are exposing your program to 5 to 6 times more people in the Internet situation you could be exposing it to hundreds more people.

Now let’s talk about MULTIPLYING or “leveraging” your TIME. By now you should have a small growing group of distributors and your phone should be ringing with them calling up asking numerous questions about the product or service or how to build the business. These calls can account for a big consumption of your time and really slow you down or be used to catapult you to success depending on how you handle the calls.   So let’s talk about how you can leverage the time you spend on the phone:  If you spend your time on the phone talking to only one person at a time you are operating very inefficiently and are making “linear” use of your time. You need to start answering your phone in the following manner: The phone rings you glance at your caller ID and see who is calling (let’s say it is one of your new distributors Tom who is calling) you pick up the phone and say “hi Tom I am busy right now is it something quick or should I have you call me back in 20 minutes?” If they ask any kind of a question that will require an answer of a few minutes or more or a question that could turn into an opportunity for some spontaneous training ask them to call you back in 20 minutes but ask them to have their two or three new distributors on the phone with them. Now they call back with their new distributors on the line and you are now talking to 3 or 4 people instead of just one. If you do not have caller ID get it you need it. In the event that it shows out of area private or unknown then answer the phone “hello this is ___________ I am busy right now and who may I ask is calling?” When they identify who they are go through the same routine. If a question is asked that could lead to an opportunity to some training ask them to each three way one of their new distributors or take them all to a conference call bridge or Internet conferencing system such as Skype. You can get a free conference call line at www.freeconferencing.com. This way you can say “call me back on my conference call line in 15 minutes” or better yet give an exact time. It is good to have an atomic clock that always gives you the exact time. Add “I’ll be waiting there for you!” Let them know if they dial in early that they will hear music until you join the call or give everyone the host PIN so they can chat while they are waiting for you to join them.   A good illustration of MULTIPLICATION is the guy who would appear on the Ed Sullivan show with the spinning plates. He would attempt to get ten plates spinning all at once at the top of six foot tall 1/2 inch wooden dowel rods. (Dowels are little skinny wooden poles). He would get the first 5 or 6 plates spinning and then he would have to go back and get the first few spinning a little faster before getting the last few spinning.   It is the same thing when you are MULTIPLYING your organization by YOU doing all of the work. As you get your fourth or fifth groups growing the first two start to slow down and you have to go back and work with them for a little while longer to get them back into momentum.   Now “multiplication” is a major step forward and can really expand the size of your group but what you really need to do to get your distributors working on their own is to learn the next mathematical function.   Duplication:  

DUPLICATION is when you get your leaders to DUPLICATE what you are doing.

Okay that make sense but how do I get them to DUPLICATE? The answer is that you must learn to be DUPLICATABLE. Now if any English teachers are listening I want to acknowledge that I do know that the correct word is DUPLICABLE however the Network Marketing Industry has misused the word so frequently I believe it is now acceptable to say DUPLICATABLE so I will use both words interchangeably. OK so back to what it takes to become duplicatable.

To become DUPLICABLE you must keep it simple. Everything you do and say must appear simple and easy so that you prospect and new distributor are able to look at what you do and be able to say to themselves… “I can do that!”.

If they look at what you are doing and saying and say to themselves… “whew I could never do that” then you are NOT duplicatable.   Undoubtedly you have heard of the KISS formula. I know most of you are thinking yeah it means 'Keep It Short and Sweet'. Or maybe you heard the version; 'Keep It Simple Stupid' but I coined a new expression for that acronym many years ago.

I changed the words around to be Keep It Stupid Simple! By that I don’t really mean to act real stupid just a little stupid.

Naturally I’m exaggerating a little bit here but I do that so you will remember this lesson. What I actually mean is to not come off as too smart or as a “know it all” too early in the relationship. You want your distributors to say “If he (or she) can do it I know I can do it”.   In the old days you had to be cool suave debonair and be able to glaze daze and amaze an audience with jokes toasts and stories to hold the audience’s attention for 2 hours to give the standard Amway presentation. You had to know how to “work the room”. You had to be able to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. It would take months to “duplicate” your upline leader. You would have to memorize a 2 hour presentation. So back then very few people succeeded. Most people in the audience would look at the guy up on the stage giving the presentation and think to them self “there is absolutely no way I could ever do that.” That method worked to some degree because it was massive multiplication but it was not duplicatable.   A major breakthrough occurred when we put the entire presentation on a paper “flip chart” and all a new distributor would have to do was to flip the pages of the chart and the prospect could just follow along. At the end of the presentation we would ask “what did I do to get your interest?” They would say “you read this chart to me.” I would then say “See how simple this is just go read this chart to your friends”.

Our business grew faster than ever before because new distributors could DUPLICATE what they saw us do. We became duplicable!

This process is based on “Psychological imprinting”.   When I was in college working on my Bachelors degree I was a Psychology minor and in one of my psychology classes we studied “Psychological Imprinting” the case study to support these findings was done using Baby Ducks. Duck eggs that were ready to hatch were placed with a variety of different farm animals. One egg was placed with each of the following; a Rhode Island Red hen a grey Plymouth Rock hen a black duck a white duck a swan a goose and a few others. Shortly after they had hatched they were removed from their “foster parent” and banded so they could keep track of which one was born with which goose or hen. Several months later the baby ducks were brought back to the same place where they were hatched and were set free to roam around the pen. The baby duck that was hatched with the goose ran up to the goose the baby duck that was hatched with the swan ran up to the swan so on and so forth until each duck has matched up with the original one with whom they had hatched.  

We tend to become emotionally attached to our first experience and want to perpetuate that situation.

If you were recruited from a newspaper ad then you will want to run ads.  If you are recruited from an email you will want to recruit by email. If you were recruited by attending a hotel meeting then you will want to know the time and date of the next meeting so you can take your prospect there. So be careful how you “psychologically imprint your new distributors.    This is why hotel meetings are NOT good for a prospects FIRST exposure because they are not easily duplicated by a new distributor. The only exception would be if you were holding a hotel meeting every night of the week and in every city and town in the country. Now don’t get me wrong hotel meetings are great for presenting awards giving recognition and doing training but not for a first time exposure to a prospect. They might have been impressed with a guest speaker from out of town and believe that was the reason they decided to join and then they would be wanting to wait until that speaker came back to town before they would bring any of their prospects to another meeting. So do one on one meetings all week long and then bring all of your new distributors and interested prospects to the local “weekly meeting” to meet your sponsor and other people building the business.   This is also why you should not invite your prospect to a fancy office to give your presentation; they will think that they need to do the same thing and may not have the money to do that. If they see you make the presentation with an expensive laptop computer and a video projector they will think they have to go buy all of that expensive equipment in order for them to build the business.   I have witnessed several friends building their businesses very rapidly by being simple and duplicable and when their checks got real big they went out and got fancy offices and their growth actually slowed down because they were no longer duplicatable.   So carefully analyze everything you do to make sure it can be easily duplicated.   Never tell a prospect how successful you are on your first meeting they may feel intimidated but more importantly you would NOT be duplicatable because THEY will not be able to say how successful they are when they talk to their friends. So if they ask you that question simply say “it’s not important how successful I am there are many successful people with this program what is important is what YOU can do with this.” If you tell them you made $10000.00 last month they will not be able to say that about themselves so you had done something that was NOT duplicatable.   Today ANYONE can succeed in Network Marketing. Just simply let what I have dubbed “the simplicity system” DO the work for you!

Your job is to simply “plug” people into the system by using time tested simple methods that are 100% duplicable. With technology and the power of the Internet this “system” can work for you twenty-four hours per day seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

You can be working on your regular job 40 hours a week or away on vacation your business just keeps on growing. With so many programs expanding internationally you can actually be earning money while you are sleeping!   Simply ask the “million dollar question” then when they indicate that their “level of interest” is high enough for them to check out a website you simply say “How soon will you have 18 to 20 minutes to let me walk you through my website? (Or “write down this number” if you are using a voice mail ‘sizzle’ message to pre-qualify your prospects.) At this point DO NOT try to explain the program let the website or recorded message do that. The more you act like you are an expert the LESS duplicatable you will become. Remember the KISS formula Keep It Stupid Simple. Simply say “duh call dis numba” and you will be 100% duplicatable. Or “duh check out this website”. Once the prospect has signed up you let them know how smart you are but until they have signed on the dotted line stay duplicatable! Forget about all of your college degrees and any vast sales experience that you might have…  the person who is going to get the largest checks a few months from now is the one who can say “duh check out this website” the most times. Now while simply giving someone your web address may be less intimidating for you the more effective way to do this is to NOT give out the telephone number or the website URL but rather to make the appointment to three way them on to the call or to “walk them through” the website. Personally I never gave out the website URL as I would never know if they went to the site or not. I would schedule a time with them that they could promise me 20 minutes of their undivided attention and then I would call them and give them the URL at that time and then I would go online with my computer and “walk them through” the presentation. This way I would know exactly what they were looking at and that they were actually viewing the pages.   In the book “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger one of the most powerful statements of the whole book was made by the President of Frank’s Insurance company when he told his group of salesmen; “Gentlemen after all this business of selling narrows down to one thing – just one thing… seeing the people!  Show me any man of ordinary ability who will go out and earnestly tell his story to four or five people every day and I will show you a man who just can’t help making good!”   I have modernized it for the Network Marketer of today.

“Show me a person of ordinary ability in Network Marketing today who will simply lead four or five prospects to his (or her) website every day and I will show you a person who is on their way to becoming very successful who will soon be earning more money than they can spend”. ~Paul Morris

**You can call your friends and give them your website URL and “walk them through” your website you can pass out business cards with your phone number or email printed on the card and when they call or email you call them back and either meet them for a “one on one” presentation or you can “walk them through” your website. **You can advertise in the local paper and when the prospect calls in take them to your website. **You can put “EARN MONEY FROM HOME”  on a magnetic sign include your email or telephone number and stick it on the side of your car so people see it when you are driving around in traffic. **You can put the same wording in stick-on letters across your back windshield on your car or truck or RV. The main thing is to get that information out there in enough places that you have prospects calling you and checking out your website every day. **Set up a “signature” for all of your outgoing email that has a little blurb about your business and your telephone number. When they call you or reply to the email set up a time to walk them through your website. **Today you can design professional looking business cards right on your own computer and print them onto cardstock that is already perforated.  So this is something that is very inexpensive and is duplicable.
 In our Follow up and Follow through seminar we will teach you the most effective way to do the above methods of building your business. I recently met a young fellow about 23 years old who was earning several thousand dollars a month with his MLM program. I asked him how he was building his business and he related to me that all he was doing was driving back and forth in rush hour traffic with magnetic signs on the side of his car. The signs cost him well under one hundred dollars. So that is a process that is duplicable because it is affordable and anyone can do it.   Letting go of old bad (non-duplicatable) habits. Some of us old timers are going to have to let go of our bad habits of doing the business in ways that are not duplicatable. This reminds me of the story of how they catch spider monkeys. They carve out a hole in a coconut shell then carve a small hole large enough to tie a vine through it and tie the other end of the vine to a tree. Then they put some peanuts inside the coconut shell and wait for the monkeys to smell the peanuts and come running to the area where the coconut shells are. They reach inside the coconut shell and grab the peanuts forming a fist around the peanuts but once they have formed a fist they can’t pull their hand out.  They can smell the peanuts and they want the peanuts so bad they will not let go. Next the villagers come out and pick up the spider monkeys put them in cages and send them off to zoos around the world.

They lost their freedom because they wouldn’t let go. What are you holding on to? Maybe there are some old “non-duplicatable” habits you need to let go of.

Are you still doing things in the manner to which you were psychologically imprinted? Why not try the “simplicity system”. Why not stop doing all the work and let the system start working for you! Oh you can keep putting on a suit and tie and meeting people at your office and you may say but Paul it is working for me I recruited 3 people last month doing it that way. Well that may be true but what did all the people you recruited last month do this month? You see that method works to a certain extent but it is NOT duplicable. Using the “simplicity system” and calling people and “walking them through” your website you could have sponsored a dozen people and by now have dozens more in your downline.   I’m sure you have heard the saying “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day but teach him how to fish and he eats for a life time.”   Well let me give you the Paul Morris version of that saying. But first let’s analyze the saying as we know it.   “Give A man a fish and he eats for a day but teach him how to fish and HE eats for a lifetime.”   “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day but teach him HOW to fish and then HOW to TEACH others HOW to fish and we can FEED THE WORLD.    Do you see the difference? The difference is that by “teaching and training” we went from feeding one person for one day to feeding one person for a lifetime and then with a little more teaching and training we went from feeding ONE person for a lifetime to FEEDING THE WORLD FOREVER. It was the exact same information in each situation. What made the difference was HOW it was taught and WHAT those people were trained to do with WHAT they were taught. They were taught to TEACH others! That is duplication!  

Duplication is having your distributors building the business without you doing it for them. It is when you have taught them how to do it without you even being there.

You go into your back office on your website and see a whole bunch of new distributors that you did not even know about. This is when your group starts to explode and now there is no limit on your earnings because your organization has duplicated what you were doing. In the beginning there was just one of you now there are dozens of people duplicating what you were doing and soon there will be hundreds and then thousands. This is what happens when you teach DUPLICATION.  So if you want to enjoy monthly checks of 50 to 100 thousand dollars per month you need to learn to be DUPLICATABLE and to teach DUPLICATION.   So get excited that now you know how to make your business grow bigger and faster than ever before. Do it with enthusiasm and with a sense of urgency and your business will start to explode. Commit to working the system.    Use the tools that are available: The system is your vehicle to take you where you want to go.   Plug into the flow of information from your sponsor and upline. Start following the plan of action set up you DMO (daily method of operation) (request a blank DMO if you do not have one) and use the system to collect names of prospect to “walk through” your website or three-way on to recorded calls.    Compounding:   Compounding is when your leaders have duplicated you and they have people who are not duplicating you but rather are DUPLICATING YOUR LEADERS.

There is only ONE of YOU but there can be dozens of your leaders. When you have multiple leaders who have duplicated you being duplicated by their distributors you now have what I call COMPOUNDING.

Once you break through to the point where COMPOUNDING is taking place your group will literally explode and you will experience rapid growth beyond your imagination.   Some of your most valuable tools are the psychological tools we have just given you. Keep it simple keep it duplicatable and use the system.   One last illustration as to why it is important to use the system or “the vehicle” we provide. You could decide to go from Boston to Los Angeles and choose to do it by riding a bicycle. Well I am not going to doubt that you would ever make it Los Angeles but it is sure going to take a long time. The reality is that you would most likely get discouraged and give up. On the other hand if you were to choose a different vehicle such as an automobile you could make it to LA in 5 days. Or you could choose to take an airplane and be there in five hours. What made the difference? The choice of vehicle. I encourage you to use the vehicle of the “simplicity system” and plug your prospects into your website keep it simple and duplicatable.   Distributors often tell me they are going to give it all they’ve got and I tell them that may not be enough. They then ask me what else they could do. I tell them to give it all it takes because it may take more than they have got. They ask “how do I do that?” I say; “believe you can do it and step out in faith that it will happen”.   So here’s my last mathematical formula for success: You + God = Enough (Enough to do anything you want; because with God all things are possible!)
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