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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

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Are you struggling with the concept of blogging? Jackie helps get you started by answering the five most common questions new business owners have

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Are you struggling with the concept of blogging? When to blog? What to blog about? Etc? Here are the answers to the 5 most common questions that people have about blogging.   What should I name my blog? Successful online marketing is all about building a "brand" around your blog and your message. Now, before you roll your eyes back in your head because you are tired of hearing all the talk about "branding" I want to assure you that it's not difficult and you don’t even have to call it your brand.

In a nutshell, your brand is all about creating a unique identity.   Define what that identity is and what it consists of and then choose a name for your blog that showcases that and will draw interest in.

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My brand is really built around being a WAHM Network Marketer Online.  So, I have created my online presence, or brand, around that message. And, I use my name for my blog, and the tagline is – Sharing the Secrets to Online Network Marketing Success.   The content I create for my blog, and then the message I convey from a business perspective out online mostly revolves around this topic. So, in order for you to get started, you'll want to identify what message you want to deliver, and identify your target audience. Then, you are ready to create a unique URL and name for your blog.   Should I stick to one subject on my blog? You don't have to stick to only one subject, but you do want to stick to inter-related subjects. If your blog is about home business and then you throw in some cooking tips, there may be a disconnect and you might lose your audience. Determine what all subjects and topics will work together and relate well.   My blog is about network marketing, social media marketing, self development for business, etc. So, my content is all related in that it is about building a successful home business, and while I might write on self development, which has nothing to do with getting your message out online; it is an important part of the success component.   Get out a piece of paper and draw out the topics you want to use. Pick 3 to 5 to begin. You can have more, but this is a great starting point. Then, brainstorm at least 20 ideas under each topic. Then, you are ready to go.   How often should I blog? There are no hard, fast rules here so this is the rule of thumb I use. Don't blog just for the sake of blogging.

Create a blog entry when you have something of value to write about and share. At the same time, you want to be creating fresh content because that is what engages and brings your audience back to you.

My goal is to blog at the very least once a week, and I most often target twice a week. This keeps my content fresh, my site always pinging the search engines and my visitors coming back. Set a goal that fits your schedule and make sure you stay consistent.   How can I get traffic, comments and interaction on my blog? Creating quality content is the number one way to create traffic, and engage your readers to comment and interact. A great way to bring attention to your blog is to visit and comment on the blogs of others who are also part of your target audience. Most blogs today are set up with a commenting system that creates a backlink to your most recent blog post.   When you comment on another blog post, don't just say something like "Good Job." Or, "Nice blog." This is not engaging and is not going to create an interest among others to click to YOUR blog post. Share what you liked about the content and why. Be engaging and have a conversation.   Be sure to comment back on your own blog when people engage there. Your visitors like the interaction!   Can I mention my business on my blog? You can, but be cautious and do so only generically and when it makes a point.

The idea is not to make your blog or its content a "pitch fest" for your business. If you engage your audience and create an interest, people will naturally want to know more about your business.

You'll just want to create a link that says "Find Out More About My Business" or "Work With Me Directly" etc.   So, there you have some ideas to get you out there and started! I look forward to reading your content and engaging with you in the "blog-o-sphere!"
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