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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

MLM Network Magazine Nov 2012

Listen Your Way to Success By: RS Mallory

Think about that for a moment! Human nature and our FEELINGS always prevail in our day to day living and when someone ignores or brushes us aside they inadvertently De-value us and make us FEEL...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 703 Comments

Use Listening as a Tool to Success By: David Feinstein

The benefits of active listening include; compassion dedication problem solving communication professional etc. These skills are learned traits that will give your business an edge. When you...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 756 Comments

Listening By: George Madiou

In today’s day and age it is more likely to see a conversation going on between two people sitting across from one another through text messaging on their smart phone than hearing a...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 693 Comments

Evaluating Your Associations By: Jim Rohn

If you are around people who don't read chances are excellent that you won't read. People can keep nudging us off course a little at a time until finally we find ourselves asking "How did I get...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 671 Comments

The Transformation of Network Marketing By: John Milton Fogg

From the age of 11 Sven was sent abroad in exchange programs to learn languages and broaden his worldview. His parents came from a generation that wanted their son to have a great education and one...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 644 Comments

Positive Discipline for Your Elementary Age Child By: Denis Waitley

When children are young parents have almost full responsibility in determining their behavior and one common mistake many parents make is explaining too much. The goal of discipline is to help...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 669 Comments

The Gift of Listening By: Richard Brooke

If you think about how easy it is to offend someone with your mouth and how impossible it is to offend someone with your ears... well you get the point. Listening at the level described here is...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 567 Comments

Listening Your Way to Success By: Carol McCall

2. FOCUS: Be willing to “focus/listen” intently. Focus is the core ingredient that eliminates wasted effort time and distractions. Stay focused on the communication. Stay focused on the...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 724 Comments

Listening Your Way to Network Marketing Greatness By: Joe Rubino

In contrast we typically listen from the perspective of our opinions and judgments. Listening this way filters out what is actually said and impacts what we are able to hear. How we see other...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 665 Comments

Innocent questions that focus prospects to make decisions By: Tom Schreiter

You’re not going to be on that train. You and I know this. Our prospects don’t. Our prospects don’t realize that when they delay making a decision about our business they are effectively...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 874 Comments

Are You Creating the Right Experience when Recruiting? By: Doug Firebaugh

Recruiting online is changing as well being known is GOOD but being UNFORGETTABLE is better. That is the reason for this post to share some ideas with you that will help you with your...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 604 Comments

How Do You Talk to Your 14 Year Old (Or Your Prospects and Partners) By: Larry Hochman

So he asked me "how do you talk to a 14 year old?" Now I know my kid pretty well. I know what she's interested in what will get her talking nonstop. And it's not off the chart stuff. Jill...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 538 Comments

Integrity Do You Have It? By: Jim Bellacera

Integrity is not based on words it is the actions you put behind what you say. In fact there is a saying “Your actions speak so loud I cannot hear what you say.” What you do speaks more...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 575 Comments

“Asking the Right Questions Will Get the Right Answers” By: Jim Britt

For example if you hear a single mom saying that she is stressed out because she has to leave her children everyday and therefore can’t give them the quality time they need of course an obvious...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 811 Comments

How is a Home Like Leadership? By: Sean Murphy

So much like any foundation whether it be for a home or for a person in a leadership position eventually the foundation that the leadership was built on will determine the life of the structure....
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 603 Comments

Listening the Perfect Lubricant for Prospecting By: Russ McNeil

Anything with moving parts is going to generate friction. And make no mistake - prospecting conversations have plenty of moving parts. The trick is to minimize the friction - to find a way to...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 658 Comments

Zig on... Positive Thinking By:

You can walk into a dark room flip on the switch and immediately the room is lighted. Flipping the switch did not generate the electricity; it released the electricity which had been stored....
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 730 Comments

When Your Customer's Talk What Do You Hear? By: Marilyn Suttle

Translating hostile "jackal language" into "giraffe language" turns an offensive statement into a basic set of feelings and needs. This has direct application for serving MLM CUSTOMERS. Suppose...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 600 Comments


Gone are the days of writing a business plan or marketing plan and giving it a year to see if it will materialize. From the time a new strategy is created and execution begins the obsolescence...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 576 Comments

Who Are You Listening To? By:

God gave us two ears and one mouth do the math! Truly listen do not interrupt. Be patient. First key to success is to seek to understand what the other person values and speak to their values not...
Nov 1, 2012 Clicks: 542 Comments


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