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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

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I want to share with you a “system” that you are already in possession of.

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When we hear the word “system” we tend to think of an online automated digital system of generating leads and closing them for you by simply pressing a send button and blasting out an email. Well there are lots of systems out there that actually do that, but in this article I want to share with you a “system” that you are already in possession of. And no, I am not talking about an online automated system. Let’s look at the definition of the word system. “SYSTEM: A set of detailed methods, procedures, and routines created to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty, or solve a problem.” Notice this definition says nothing about doing this automatically online. This particular system is always ready to go and can be implemented at anytime, and costs nothing to use.

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What system am I talking about? I am talking about YOU and your ability to talk to your friends, neighbors and relatives.

Yes there are lots of expensive systems that claim they can build you a huge downline while you sleep, but why pay for a system when you can boost your business by using what you already possess. Even though it is 2013 and there are an abundance of digital automated recruiting systems, as a result of recent surveys it has been determined that the biggest and most successful distributors have achieved it by using the old fashioned, time tested and profit proven system of simply making a list of names and then inviting them to take a look at your business.   Now I am certainly not opposed to utilizing some of the online automated systems that are available, but what I am saying is that there is a system that costs you nothing and can earn you a fortune.   Many people are pleased to discover that the best system they can use to build their business is the one they already have right at their finger tips. The problem is that most people do not know exactly what to say or how to say it in a manner to be effective in getting their prospect to actually take a look at their business.   The system that I will teach you in this article is one that I have created over a period of four decades. This system has helped many people earn millions of dollars, so this is why we call this “The Million Dollar Invitation”.   The “Million Dollar” script for the “Basic Invitation” (How to invite people to look at and join your business opportunity)   “Hello ____________,  (use the persons first name)  this is _______  ________, (your first & last name) am I calling at a bad time?... I need to speak with you for just a minute.”  Wait for an answer, even if it just a grunt.   Always give your first and last name, even if it is someone you know rather well they may get so many calls they did not recognize your voice. Or they may know several Toms or Bills. If they are trying to think of who you are they are not paying attention to what you are saying.   Ask, “Am I calling at a bad time”, (Say bad time, because it is never a good time). I know some of you are thinking, hmmm that is negative, shouldn’t I say am I calling at a good time. No, because it is never a good time and you will get a lot of No answers if you ask if it is a good time. The word NEED is very important, because people NEED to be NEEDED and will give you their attention if they feel you NEED them. Now it is important to say for “JUST A MINUTE” so they don’t think you will keep them on the phone for 15 to 20 minutes.   If this is a fairly close friend you may add the following: “I have stumbled onto an idea that I believe could make us a fortune.”   “___________________, (mention their name. People love to hear the sound of their name) if I could show you a way that you could earn ‘a lot of money’ per month, in your spare time, without interfering with what you are currently doing, and do it out of the convenience of your own home, would that be of interest to you?”  (If you know them well and have an idea of what amount might tempt them you could say “an extra five to ten thousand dollars a month.)   Note: If they already have a large income you might bump the dollar amount up to ten or fifteen thousand per month. If it looks like they are not earning a lot of money you may want to say an extra two to three thousand dollars a month. If you have no idea of what they are earning or what amount would impress them, then say, “a lot of money”; then later you can ask them what a “lot of money” is to them. Also, if you already know what they would do with the extra earnings, then convert the dollar amount to that thing that they would want. Such as, “If I could show you a way you could buy that sailboat”, or “if I could show you a way you could buy that new home” or put your children through college without have to tap into your savings, would that be of interest to you? This is so much more powerful than if just say extra money.   (Wait for them to answer)  (You must wait for and get an answer)   Once they indicate that they would be interested say; “Great, would that level of interest be high enough that you would be willing to… (At this point you would segue into whatever method your group is using at the current time to build the business.) a.) “Go to my website and watch a 2 minute and 56 second presentation followed by a 12 ½ minute presentation”  (This is the Preferred method) b.) “Listen to a replay of a 16 minute conference call” c.) “Join us on a 16 minute conference call tonight at 9:00PM EST.” Note: Steps a, b, and c are all you need to build a huge business. d.) “Have me stop by your home in the next day or two.” “I’ll be in your neighborhood Tues, may I drop by then?”  (Don’t schedule an appointment, friends don’t make appointments; they simply drop by) e.) Optional: If you like doing parties. “Stop by my house on Thursday evening at 7:00PM; I have a 29 and a half minute presentation I want to share with you.   (Times will vary depending on your business opportunity) f.) Optional: If your local upline is holding weekly or monthly meetings: Meet me at the Hilton Hotel Tuesday evening or Sat morning; there will be a one hour and 29 minute presentation that will get you so excited that you won’t be able to sleep that night. (Hotel Meetings should be for the second exposure unless there are meetings being held several nights a week. Otherwise you have imprinted them with something that is not duplicable.) (Note: always use exact times for the length of the meeting so they will believe you, otherwise they think it will be a long presentation.)   (Choose one of the above, ask the question and wait for them to answer)   If you are inviting them to attend a meeting, then preface the invitation with… “What are you doing Thursday evening that can’t be postponed, rearranged, of canceled?”  (This places importance on the event)   (A way to increase attendance at a function is to add the following comment)   By the way, you’re a man (or woman) of your word aren’t you?  They say “yes, or of course I am”.  You say; “Good, then I know I’ll see you there.”   If they ask, “can you tell me more about this?” You simply say, “I would love to; can I assume that this means you would be interested in earning some extra money, right?” When they say yes, you say, “I would love to tell you more, as a matter of fact that is what going to the website is all about, there you will find a complete explanation on the website, I would love to walk you through it, are you at your computer now?”  If they say yes then you say, “do you have 18½ minutes available right now (or however long your company video is) where we could, without interruption, take a look at my website? If they say yes then you say, “great, open a browser and go to: http://www.(your URL.yourcompany.com) right now and I will show where to click and what pages to look at. Let me know when you are on the site…” (Wait until they get the site open) then say “click on the arrow in the middle of the page or click on the link to the left side of the page.” You should recognize the first few words of the company video or PowerPoint and you will then know they are listening or watching the company presentation. Tell them, the video is 12 and a half minutes long, so call me back when it is over. Enjoy the video!”   Note: By doing it this way YOU are in control.  If they say, “I’m busy right now, I’ll look at it later, just give me the URL. Then you say, “I would love to do that but I have learned it is far more effective for us to go through it together, that way I can show you what to look at and answer any of your questions”.   If you give them your URL, who is in control? THEY are in control, NOT you. If they give you a difficult time then (if you know them well enough) say, “Hey I just learned that one of the qualities of a successful person is that they are coachable, you have that quality, don’t you? When they say yes, you say, “well, then just trust me on this one and I will call you back when you have 18 ½ minutes.  Often they will say, “Okay, I’ll take the time right now.” (If you go beyond whatever time you said it would take… then say, “whoa we are going beyond the time frame I promised you, do you have an extra 10 minutes?) (Always ask permission to keep talking if you run over your scheduled time frame)   If they still fight you on this say, “__________ (use their first name) if there was a time tested “step by step” proven system that was earning a lot of people a lot of money, you would want to follow it exactly, wouldn’t you? They say, “Yeah, I suppose.”  Then you say, “Then the ‘next step’ is for you to let me know when I can call you back and walk you through my website. By the way, I am going to show you how you can get your own website just like that one. By the way it will take 18 ½ minutes” (Or however long your company presentation is.)   If they say “I have never had a business, I’m not sure I could do this.” You say, “that’s what is great about this…The website does everything. All you do is send people to your website. You know that fortunes are being made on the Internet right? Well this is your chance to make a fortune on the Internet. Let me show you how easy it is. When will you have 18½ minutes?”   If they say… “Is this MLM or Network Marketing, because if it is, I have tried MLM before and none of the people I got to join ever recruited anyone. You say, “then you will love this program because I can show you how you can earn a substantial amount of money, WITHOUT RECRUITING ANYONE!” (And then show them how the bonus pools work).   ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTION: Once you have the appointment, you walk them through your Company website and eventually end up by having them click on the “Join Now” button.  Talk about how many people that they know who would want to have an extra source of earnings and have their own Home based Business” Also point out how many of their friends most likely would be interested in earning extra money you’re your business opportunity.  Suggest they enroll right away for the membership fee and then select a monthly autoship that is right for them.  If they balk at signing up right now, then make them an offer that should be pretty difficult to refuse; tell them you have several people to whom you will be showing the plan and that if they sign up right now, you will “place” (spillover people into the Matrix portion of your compensation plan, if you have a matrix or a binary aspect of your compensation plan) the next person that you sign up below them, but if they wait you will most likely be placing them below the next one you sign up. This works almost ALL of the time. (But never promise lots of spillover, it will ruin them and make them lazy). You are looking for people who want to CREATE SPILLOVER, not people who WANT SPILLOVER. This offer creates an incentive to ‘act now’ plus adds a little fear of loss. (But don’t promise to do it unless you plan to deliver). This is a method used by the big dogs.  It can work for you! But remember, “Losers look for spillover; leaders CREATE SPILLOVER”… Be a LEADER!   Edify your sponsor and your upline leaders. Today’s Network Marketing Industry people don’t just join a company… they join an upline support team. So brag about what a great upline support team you have.   Disclaimer: There is no money earned on the act of recruiting. All earnings are based on the actual purchase of product. Your earnings from the any compensation plan will be in direct proportion to the number of people you talk to and get to walk through your website or view a presentation you give them with your presentation book or a simple flip chart, and then get their family or friends to participate in the auctions. To increase your earnings, simply increase the number of people you “invite” to look at your website or look through your flip chart presentation. (Note: A presentation book is simply the website pages printed out and inserted into page savers and placed in a three ring binder. A flip chart is simply copies that are stapled together without the page savers or binder that you can you to explain the opportunity and hand to them to take home when the presentation is over.   When you become completely familiar with your opportunity you will be tempted to explain the opportunity to your friends verbally via telephone without taking them to the website or sitting down and showing them a presentation via a flip chart or presentation book.  DON’T DO IT. It is not duplicable. Taking them to your website or showing them a presentation book is duplicable.  When they see what you did to get them interested in joining…  (Namely, going to your website, or reading a flip chart to them), they will say “shucks, I can do that!” and be eager to join knowing they can do it also.   Additional tips: Once you have walked them through the website, or when the meeting is over, say, “Isn’t this the most exciting thing you have ever seen? Then ask; “do you see yourself making a little bit of money or a LOT of money?” If they say “A Lot”, then ask, “What is a lot of money to you?” If they say $20,000 per month, ask, “What would you purchase with that kind of monthly earnings?” Let them answer and then say, “This is the way to get______________”, and mention one of the things they would buy with the million dollars, if you had asked them that question in the beginning.   More tips: If they say no they are not interested, then use this opportunity to get a referral from them by asking, “Who do you know that might be interested in earning an extra $3,000.00 to $5,000.000 per month in their spare time?” If they do not volunteer a name right away then suggest maybe their brother or brother in law, or maybe a friend who has children…  after a few suggestions they will usually volunteer a relative or friends name and telephone number.   If you are inviting them to listen to a sizzle call (Conf Call Replay) or a live conference call then 3-way them onto the call so you know they are on the call. Do not rely on them coming to the call all by themselves. If they insist on calling in to a conference call on their own then email them the day of the call and call them a few minutes before the call to remind them of the call and to make sure they have the correct telephone number and PIN. Ask them if they have Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo or Google Calendar and if they do, ask them to enter the time and number into their calendar so they will get a reminder pop up on their screen 15 minutes before the call.   If you have invited them to attend a meeting, offer to swing by and pick them up. This greatly increases the success of getting them to the meeting. If they insist on driving by themselves, entice them with an offer to buy them a piece of pie and a cup of coffee after the meeting. A little bribery goes a long way in situations like this.   You can, with pride, invite ALL of your friends, neighbors and relatives to look at your business opportunity knowing that you are offering a legitimate program, with real people, purchasing real product and offering one of the MOST LUCRATIVE business opportunities in the Network Marketing Industry today. But, take heart, if you choose not to build a business with your friends, neighbors and relatives, don’t worry… in our next lesson we will be teaching you how to approach total strangers; anytime, anywhere under any circumstances. If you do not want to initiate conversations and talk to strangers, again no problem, in a future training session we will be teaching you how to work leads and how to use genealogy lists from other Network Marketing companies that have gone out of business. Don’t want to do that either? Then hang in there we will also teach you how to get people to call you looking to learn what you have to offer. However, this technique is so successful you will find it easier than you ever imagined sponsoring your friends, neighbors and relatives, so what are you waiting for? Put this into practice and see how easy it really is.

Remember, the only thing standing in the way of you achieving your goals in life is to master this invitation and to start using it with everyone you know.

Learning how to invite people to go to your website is one skill that can double, triple and quadruple your earnings, learn it well. Practice it with your leaders. Teach it to your new distributors. Call each other and role play with each other until everyone is comfortable inviting anyone to look at their business opportunity.   If you do not invite your friends to look at your business opportunity you have a guaranteed “no”. If you do invite your friends to take a look at your business you just may get a “yes”. If you do not invite your friends to take a look at your business this week… someone else might invite them next week. Don’t risk losing the enrollment of your friends to someone else, call them right now!   Remember, you are just the MESSENGER. Don’t try to be the message. The whole purpose of this invitation is simply to get them to go to your website and watch the two video presentations and then call you back.  Note: They often do not call you back, so after 30 minutes, you call them. Assume they are going to join you and tell them to click on the “join now” on the menu bar, just to the right of the ‘opportunity’ title and walk them through the enrollment process.
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