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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

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How did a 'not so bright' buddy of mine make a few grand on Facebook? And you should know that he did it by accident!

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Facebook Marketing: How to get people to want what you're selling using this basic Social Law. It's called social proof. Watch my video on Facebook Marketing here: Social Proof Marketing So, what is social proof? A classic example is something I'm sure you'll be familiar with. Do you remember when you were a kid and all the other kids had a certain type of sneaker, or wore a certain brand of jeans, or were all going somewhere, and your Mother usually didn't approve? And what did your Mother say to you? "If Johnny jumps off a bridge are you gonna jump off a bridge?" We can't help it, to resist social proof goes against the way we are wired as social creatures.

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The best modern, or grown up example I can give you of social proof in action, is this; I'm sure you're familiar with the shopping channels, and even if you don't watch them, you know what I'm referring to, right?   Well, QVC and shopping shows like them spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to produce one hour of programming. That doesn't include the hundreds of thousands that went into the mass production of the product they'll be offering during that hour.   They need to make all that money back, and then some in the one single hour. So, as you can imagine, they've invested in the best of the best marketers, and copywriters. For that one hour, everything they do and say has been carefully scripted to convert (into buyers) as many of the viewers for that one hour as they possibly can.   Now, this applies to you too. You haven't spent hundreds of thousands, and you don't have an hour to get your prospect’s attention... in fact you may have only a few seconds to get your prospects attention and convert them to MLM CUSTOMERS. So this is paramount to your business building efforts.   Here's where social proof used to work against the shopping channels, and you'll even notice what I'm about to share with you on just about every one of those commercials that will "Double your order and that's still not all"... here's what they did;   I'm sure you've heard “Call now, operators are standing by”. Well, research determined that the phrase produced less sales. and here's why; It stands to reason, that if operators are "standing by", that must be because they aren't taking orders, because not many people are calling. They used this phrase for years before they discovered it was “BACKFIRING”!   They have recently adopted the new phrase; "If lines are busy, please keep trying (or please call back)" and this was found to work much better because it also stands to reason that if lines are busy, then the company must be swamped with calls because everyone is buying. If Johnny jumps off a bridge, so does everyone else.   Here's a mistake I see many Networkers making, especially on their Facebook pages. Do you see this being posted by other networkers? "I am ready to help the next 10 people make their fortunes"? That's the same as saying "Operators are standing by". Unless that's working for you, scrap it.

Here's a simple posting strategy I use myself that gets me an additional $800 to $2400 in new business every single month. I simply post about how I am helping, getting ready to help, getting ready to make a call to help, even taking a break from helping a customer/client. This implies that I am not "standing by", but in fact "doing" something that "others" are paying me to do.

In other words, I'm taking orders. By posting for example that I just took on a new SEO client that wants me to get their business to the top of Google, is a prime example of social proof, even though it came from me and not an actual client.   By simply posting that I'm helping someone kick butt on Google is often just what another needs to see to get them to contact me about doing the same for them too.   It works just about every time, and for any business. Just look at this post I saved the other week. It's from an elementary school friend that remodels kitchens.
He posted a picture of a job he just finished and also mentioned how happy his customer is... SOCIAL PROOF in action and just look at what happened almost immediately... someone asked if he could do her kitchen as well. Compare that to if he or I were just sitting around posting that “gee I'd sure like to help someone if only someone would pay me”. Not a very good strategy.   Try this simple posting strategy and see if your phone doesn’t start to ring too : )   I hope this helps you as much as it's helped me, my marketing clients... oh,  and Dominick too ; )   Jake Steingart Google Traffic Jackpot
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