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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

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5 qualities that are the foundation of your success, upon them you can build, using the systems and tools at your disposal, a “wealth building” of any size or shape you desire!

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Every building needs a strong foundation. In the case of a physical building, that foundation is concrete and steel.

In the case of wealth building, it's our values, beliefs, habits and attributes. It's all about who we're being; not what we're doing.

Yet, how many of us, in our effort to accrue riches, skip straight to the doing part. We scramble, often aimlessly, from class to class, book to book, coach to coach... seeking right set of actions, the right script, or the right formula for wealth. And we often end up exhausted and disappointed.

Those who focus on building a strong foundation first are the ones who get results. For them, the actions become obvious and simple, and resistance to taking action becomes virtually non-existent.

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There are certain qualities that I look for when I'm assessing someone's ability to succeed. All of these qualities can be cultivated with the right intention and the courage to do the inner work. Here are the top five: Desire: Many people either lack true desire for what they're aspiring to, or their ability to generate passion has been compromised by years of disappointment at not having gotten it. When exploring your relationship to desire, ask yourself why you want what you think you want (this helps you become more mindful of what's driving you) and how you'll feel when you have it (this allows you to project yourself into the future and generate the necessary enthusiasm and energy to push on.) If you find that these questions don't support your current path, it's likely that you've adopted a desire from someone else or have succumbed to societal pressure to crave certain things that aren't really in your truth. Remember, not everybody wants the five car garage, the beautiful spouse and the seaside mansion. Some people just want to live simply in a cabin in the woods. First, quiet down and figure out which lifestyle really fits for you! Clarity: Those who move effortlessly in the direction of their desires almost always have a crystal clear image of what that looks like... and they have a crystal clear image of what the path entails.

If you find yourself hesitating, wandering aimlessly, walking the same path over and over again, or out and out procrastinating, there's a very good likelihood that you haven't done the inner work of gaining clarity for your goal.

Take a little time to clarify the image of what you want, and then ask yourself these ten questions about your strategy for getting it.
1. What day and time will I work on it? 2. How will I chunk it down to the allotted time? 3. Where will I do it? 4. What will I do in each possible circumstance that arises? 5. What is my productivity goal? (how much will I do) 6. What is my outcome goal? (what do I hope to accomplish by doing it) 7. What will I avoid while doing it? 8. How will I know when I'm done? 9. How will I mark my success? 10. How will I set up my environment to support my work?
By asking these questions, you'll come to gain a much greater understanding of what you need to do, and you'll illuminate your current blindspots; the ones that have been responsible for your not meeting your goals. Humor: Virtually every successful person I've ever met has a great sense of humor. That doesn't always mean that they make jokes, but they always find humor in situations. They're quick to laugh, quick to smile, and therefore, quick to let go of disappointment. Humor is directly related to perspective. If your perspective is that you must get a certain result to be happy, then when you don't get that result, you suffer. If your perspective is that you'd prefer to get a certain result, but that if you don't, it's OK... you can maintain your good humor know matter what. Learn to detach from outcomes, accept defeat as a necessary part of the path to success, and let things roll off your back. Then, start looking for the humor in those unfortunate situations, laugh them off, and move on. How often do we hear it said that someday we'll look back at this and laugh? Well...why wait??? Perseverance: When you commit to a goal, generate crystal clarity for what it looks like and how to get there, and move lightly through the process, you'll start gaining momentum. But you'll still have setbacks, upsets, disappointments, and moments of sheer exhaustion. At those times, you'll want to have a strategy for recommitting to your path. Successful people know that they're going to trip and fall, but they also know how... and why... to get back up. Don't let perseverance mean robotically pushing forward at all costs with no regard for your feelings or those of others. Give yourself time to process your defeats, feel your emotions, tend to your relationships, and evaluate your mistakes before getting back in the game... but know that you will, after a period of healing and retreat, pick up and move forward yet again. Posture: I'm borrowing this term from my friend, Bob Burg; author of The Go Giver.

Bob defines posture as what happens when you want something... but not too much. It's the perfect blend of enthusiasm, salesmanship, and trustworthiness that comes from someone who knows how to ask for what they want but isn't pushy, belligerent, or needy.

When you have a lot of prospects, you naturally develop greater posture, because each no is just a small percentage of your prospective opportunities. When you're new at something or when you have a very small pool in which to fish, you tend to be very intense about the results of each attempt you make... and people pick that up. So, the two solutions to poor posture as we're defining it here are:
1. Build a huge network of prospects by getting out in the community and cultivating relationship, and 2. Do the inner work necessary to break your attachment to outcomes. If you don't want to seem needy... don't be needy!
So, armed with the five attributes above; desire, clarity, humor, perspective, and posture, you're in the most admirable position possible for creating a happy and successful life. These qualities are the foundation of your success, and upon them you can build, using the systems and tools at your disposal, a “wealth building” of any size or shape you desire!
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