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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

MLM Network Magazine Apr 2014

Lead Generation Tool AND The Most Complete Marketing System to Grow Your Business By: George Madiou

One of the additional features of the premium version is a marketing sales funnel system that allows you to create an endless number of Sales Funnels to promote your business to different niche...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 329 Comments

Life's Batting Average By: Denis Waitley

Football’s greatest quarterbacks complete only six out of 10 passes. The best basketball players make only half their shots. Even with satellite mapping and expert geologists, leading oil...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 292 Comments

Prospects: Potential Possibilities By: Bonnie Ross-Parker

OK. So you may be thinking, we’re not asking or expecting anyone to make a life time commitment when we’re selling. I agree. We are, however, looking to create relationships that over time...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 304 Comments

Why Is Being a Good People Connector a Good Thing? By: Sue Seward

There's a way to become a better communicator and that is to network with lots of people including people in our own industry that are in other companies. Why it is so important to stay connected...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 240 Comments

Power Prospecting for Aces By: Joe Rubino

CREDIBILITY We all have varying degrees of credibility with our peers. If our friends and associates value our opinion, we can expect to have our personal recommendation well received by them....
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 275 Comments

There are only three reasons why people join... By: Tom Schreiter

People make a decision on our business based upon their trust in you. They can't know enough facts to make an intelligent decision on our opportunity, so they depend on your judgment. * A doctor...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 359 Comments

How to Break a Slump By: Steve Dailey

Next, decide to use this moment as a catalyst for new actions and new thinking. The key word is “new”. If you insist on using the moment to galvanize yourself to history – bear down and...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 274 Comments

The Finer, and Finest, Things in Life By: Chris Widener

Who can argue of the beauty of a fine painting? Who doesn't love the smell and feel of leather furniture? Who doesn't enjoy driving a well-engineered car? Who doesn't dream of the softness and...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 239 Comments

Do You Ever Feel Like Quitting? This Video Kept Me In The Game By: Dale Calvert

With that said, I still wanted to quit every day when I started. However, unlike today when we are surrounded by multiple opportunities in various niches, I DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE, IT WAS EITHER...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 237 Comments

7 Reasons Why You Should Advertise with Home Business Advertiser! By: Bob Schwartz

Readership matters. And, our magazine gets read, unlike many emails or even pay-per-click ads. As a bonus, we also post an online “digital copy” of each issue, which exposes your offer to...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 254 Comments

Approaching Strangers Part 1 Warm Market By:

What you are about to learn can make the difference between having a small group of friends and earning a few hundred dollars a month to having a huge group with explosive growth and earning tens...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 343 Comments

What is Prospecting By: Jim Britt

Sound familiar? Well, rest assured you are not alone! It doesn't matter whether the event is large or small it's uncomfortable to walk into a room full of strangers, especially when you want to...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 354 Comments

Prospecting Only 2 way Head or Heart By: Sean Murphy

Why do we run down this path of “head prospecting”? Here is why I think we do it. This is the easy way for us to communicate, to share, to tell, to convince, to persuade. Results: 93%...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 304 Comments

How to Automate Joint Ventures to Grow By: Scott Letourneau

My favorite part of a joint venture is when you leverage the power of the host-beneficiary relationship. This is where you add value to another business owner’s list by conducting a teleseminar,...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 218 Comments

The Five Principles of Performance By:

2. The difference between good and excellent companies is training. The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them! A football team would not...
Apr 1, 2014 Clicks: 238 Comments


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