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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

MLM Network Magazine Feb 2014

MLM CUSTOMERS By: George Madiou

Network marketing is no different than any brick and mortar business like a pizza shop, a card store, or a real estate business, looking for good loyal MLM CUSTOMERS. It doesn’t matter if you...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 346 Comments

Mr. Shoaff's Simple Strategies to Success By: Jim Rohn

So I learned that we don't have to work on the company, we have to work on ourselves. If it had been technical, I would have missed it. If it had been mystic, I would have backed away. But it was...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 347 Comments

NO, You Can't Be a Customer Today! By: Michael York

The terrible treatment that prospective MLM CUSTOMERS receive routinely in today’s marketplace makes it easier than ever to acquire MLM CUSTOMERS if you and I will just PAY ATTENTION. Don’t...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 329 Comments

MLM CUSTOMERS Who they are, why you (and your company) need them, how to find them and what to say to them By:

So when you select a company to build a future with make sure you have a product that is affordable to the masses whether there was a business opportunity attached to it or not. The real test is…...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 357 Comments

Prospects Network Marketing, How Do You Accumulate Prospects? By: David Feinstein

Once you have defined your prospects, now you can focus on attracting them to your website. Your website layout and pages are important for your sales. The design of the site has to offer...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 423 Comments

Automate Your Selling and Recruiting With Video By: David Feinstein

Once you start writing the script, you may want to add pauses in the script for slides or other events that you plan to trigger in the video. Recording and Editing are the following steps...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 343 Comments

We Are All In Debt By:

We are in debt to all the pastors, priests and rabbis who taught us the essence of life by instructing us in those character qualities that are important to us, regardless of our chosen field of...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 320 Comments

Get More MLM CUSTOMERS 5 Questions to Make Your Business More Relevant By: Marilyn Suttle

Is your message boring your MLM CUSTOMERS to death? Are your online-presence, your marketing material and your sales staff focusing on the customer experience? Or are you showing off by droning...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 354 Comments

Doubt Comes With Commitment By: Steve Dailey

So what’s the big deal? When we let doubt dominate our evaluation of a new decision we also let doubt drive the best things in life and business. Doubting is natural – but it doesn't have to...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 331 Comments

Allowing Setbacks to Spur You On By: Denis Waitley

Each one was rejected with a form letter that gave him no assurance that his manuscripts had even been read. I've received a few of those special valentines myself through the years, and I can...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 334 Comments

Not Just MLM CUSTOMERS By: Lisa Jimenez

Did you really get that? Leading with that business model is how you create LOYAL MLM CUSTOMERS! Our industry’s business model has 3 steps: Use the product/service. Recommend the...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 278 Comments

Full time? Or Part time? By: Tom Schreiter

The moral is: Let your network marketing income enhance your life. ******************** Check out “Big Al's” new book: How to Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 351 Comments

Just Don't Do It By: Chris Widener

For instance, if you want to write a book but think, "I can't get this published," you should take a trip to the local Barnes and Noble. Walk through and ask yourself if your book wouldn't be...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 328 Comments

What Night Crawlers, Magic, and Sports Collectibles taught me about List Building By: Dale Calvert

We normally teach at the level we started to have success and usually don't understand the importance of the path we took to get there. Especially if the path was just a natural flow and not aÂ...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 400 Comments

Business Retention It's easier than you know! By: Sean Murphy

Business Retention Step 1 Make Your Customer / Client The Center of What You Do. - How do you reward you clients? Is it unique? You have to ask yourself: “Does anyone else do what I’m...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 341 Comments

Having Fun in Business (Hint: It Makes You More Successful) By:

Having fun in business… Who has time for that?!?! I want you to really hear this, especially if you tend to be driven and hardworking: Having fun in business and life is not optional. It’s...
Feb 1, 2014 Clicks: 285 Comments


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