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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

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The ability for the network marketing dream to come true relies on being able to develop REAL MLM CUSTOMERS who purchase your product month after month and year after year.

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"We only sponsored and did not sell, and now our business has gone to H _ _ _ !" Everyone is looking for the Great American Dream of signing up in an MLM company, sponsoring a few people, and then being able to retire in a couple of years and never have to work again the rest of their lives. Well, for a few people that dream really does come true; but for tens of millions, this never happens. The ability for this dream to come true relies on being able to develop REAL MLM CUSTOMERS who purchase your product month after month and year after year.

One half of the success formula is having MLM CUSTOMERS who are willing to buy a product or service on a monthly basis. The other half of the formula is to have a product or service they are actually willing to buy.

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So when you select a company to build a future with make sure you have a product that is affordable to the masses whether there was a business opportunity attached to it or not. The real test is… "Would YOU buy the product yourself, if there was NO business opportunity?" If you can answer yes, then you have great potential for this dream to come true. To develop long range, reliable, residual earnings you must have MLM CUSTOMERS. To have MLM CUSTOMERS you must sell them on the value of buying your products every month for the rest of their lives. In order for them to be willing to do this they must be able to AFFORD the product or service. The best product or service is one that involves TRANSFER BUYING. Transfer buying is when the customer takes money they are CURRENTLY SPENDING on a similar product and buys your product instead because you have a product of better quality or higher value or even one that 'saves them money' over what they are spending now. So eventually we will all discover that we need to put our focus on developing MLM CUSTOMERS.

Ray Kroc once said, "Look after MLM CUSTOMERS and the business will take care of itself."

First of all we have to have MLM CUSTOMERS to "look after." So let's look at ways we can look for MLM CUSTOMERS and then what we can do to look after them… By now maybe you are confused with what to do when you meet a prospect. You may be asking… "So do I present the business first or do I present the product first?" This is the 64,000 question in Network Marketing. The answer depends on what you want to accomplish.

If you desire to develop a long range, reliable, residual earnings of a legacy wealth building nature then you need both MLM CUSTOMERS and Business Builders.

However if you recruit distributors based on the premise of them joining your company to GET RICH, when they don't get rich then they will most likely not only stop building your business, but they will also stop buying your product as well and you lost on both counts. However, if you FIRST sell your prospects on the idea of being a customer, and then SECOND let them know there is a business opportunity, if they do not earn money with your program they will fall back to being just a customer and at least you still have a customer. Also, realize that your distributors are ALSO MLM CUSTOMERS. Many people tell me they have distributors and MLM CUSTOMERS. WRONG! You will always have MLM CUSTOMERS and MLM CUSTOMERS. One group of MLM CUSTOMERS is your retail or preferred MLM CUSTOMERS and the other group is YOUR WHOLESALE MLM CUSTOMERS. Yes, your distributors are MLM CUSTOMERS also; they are "wholesale" MLM CUSTOMERS. This means that you should be constantly selling them on the benefits of their using your products. Whenever you get the opportunity, point out how much money they are SAVING by using your products or services.

Always be talking the VALUE of your products or service because "When the value is high enough, the cost does not count!"

Always be sharing YOUR personal testimony of how you are benefiting by the use of your product or service. When a customer or potential customer asks how much the products cost, I ask, "Do you mean how much it will cost if you buy them or how much it will cost if you DON"T BUY the products?" When they ask you "what do you mean by the comment… if I don't buy?" You say, "Oh, well, if you don't buy our product and if you get sick, you could have doctor's bills, you could miss time from work, you could miss the opportunity to make sales and earn commissions, etc, so you see, by NOT buying our product, it could COST you a lot of money. (Perhaps well in excess of that actual price of the product). If a customer ever mentions they can get something similar that is cheaper, I gently remind them that 'cost' is what you pay but 'value' is what you receive, and that the most expensive product you will ever buy, is the one that does not work, because then it was a total waste of money. Remember, "If the value is high enough, the cost doesn't count!" The more you sell your MLM CUSTOMERS and distributors on the quality and value of your products, the more you increase your odds that they will remain MLM CUSTOMERS for years and years to come and the more assurance you have for the potential of your dream of long term RESIDUAL earnings becoming a reality. By now you may be asking yourself, "Where do I find MLM CUSTOMERS?" the answer is, "they are everywhere." You walk past a dozen or more every day. If the definition of a friend is a stranger you have not met yet. Then the definition of a customer is a friend or stranger that simply does not know what you have to offer yet. If your product is that great, and is affordable, and replaces something they are already spending money on, then it will be just a natural occurrence for them to buy what they want, need, or desire from you instead of the store, but you have got to let your friends and people you meet know that you have something they need and will benefit them. "He who has a thing to sell and goes and whispers in a well is not so apt to get the dollars as he who climbs in a tree and hollers" – author unknown So your mission in building true wealth creation should be focused on finding and developing MLM CUSTOMERS. The most effective way for you to attract MLM CUSTOMERS is for YOU to become a product of your product. You need to have YOUR product testimonial on how the product or service has changed you life and is saving you money each month. Start introducing yourself to EVERYONE you meet and ask them what THEY DO. The tendency will be for them to say their occupation and then ask you what you do. Always be prepared to tell someone how the product has benefited you (and how it can benefit others) when asked,"What do you do for a living?". If you are in an elevator and someone asks you what do you do? If you are in the nutrition industry, you say, "You know how all the aging baby boomers are looking for ways to stay fit and healthy and look younger?" Well, what I do is help people learn how to do that!" Simply customize it to suit your particular business. If you are selling Internet tools you could say, "You know how all these young millennial generation kids are looking for ways to earn money online and not have to get a job? Well, what I do is show them how they can acquire the digital tools they need to work from home and never have to get a real 9 to 5 job and earn more money in a week than a job would pay in a month." If selling an electronic warranty program, you could say, "You know how every family has several Cell Phones, I-Pads, laptop computers and flat screen TV's and an X-Box and maybe an Apple TV, and how much it costs to insure them and repair them?" "Well I show people how to eliminate all their insurance fees and repair bills and cover everything for only $29.97 a month." If the person is a live prospect they will ask you to tell them more. If you are selling coffee, you can say, "You know how everyone is spending a fortune on coffee every month?" "Well I help people learn how they can drink the world's most healthy, thermogenic, gourmet coffee, for a fraction of what they are currently paying at coffee shops, and even show them how they can get it for FREE for the rest of their life."

By using this approach you have psychologically bonded them to the value of the product. Now you can immediately segue into there being a business opportunity if they indicate an interest in that.

You still have a potential prospect for your business, but by doing it this way they will fall back to being a customer or if they become a distributor and the business does not work out for them the odds are many times greater that they will at least remain a customer. There are many reasons for having MLM CUSTOMERS. Number one, they will be the silent army that stays on auto-ship year after year supporting your residual earnings; but there is also a legal reason. MLM companies are coming under scrutiny right now and one of the items any agency would be looking for is…"Does the company have legitimate MLM CUSTOMERS?" By you doing your part in establishing a base of real people buying your product as MLM CUSTOMERS, you have also done your part in keeping your company legitimate and in business for years to come. So choose a company that sells a product that you are willing to buy whether you were a distributor with them or not. Chose a company that has a product that is reasonably priced so the customer believes the price you ask is fair and reasonable and it affordable to them. Choose a company that has a product that will REPLACE something that your MLM CUSTOMERS have already been paying for with a better quality product or service. (Transfer buying). As long as you have a real product everyone needs, that is a good value and priced reasonably, you should be able to find a new customer every day. Once you set your goal to get just one customer a day, before you know it you will have more distributors than you can handle and you will not be able to spend all the money coming in, but best of all, you will have developed true WEALTH CREATION that will fulfill your dreams of a lifestyle that most people only dream of because you have developed a customer base that will produce long range RESIDUAL EARNINGS. Bonus Material: Once you have a customer your next mission is to KEEP the customer ordering each month. The best way to do this is to communicate with them on a monthly basis and give them reasons to buy new products they have not tried before. Share testimonials with them from other satisfied and happy MLM CUSTOMERS. You can do this by mailing a newsletter to your MLM CUSTOMERS and distributors each month or by simply giving each one a call to tell them about a new product release, or a special sales price or to share a testimony you just heard. The more you communicate with your MLM CUSTOMERS (and your distributors who signed up to be wholesale MLM CUSTOMERS), the more they will feel like they know you, the more they know you the more they will like you, the more they like you the more they will trust you, they more they trust you the more likely they are to keep on ordering every month and to begin giving you referrals and or sharing the products with their friends and family. For your distributors you can send an email four days before the end of the month reminding everyone to qualify before the end of the month or the close of business for that particular business cycle depending on your compensation plan and how it pays out.

You want to treat your MLM CUSTOMERS in a way to let them know you care about them. Look at them as though they are YOUR "clients" not just someone who buys from you.

When you nurture them with care and concern for their needs you will develop a lifetime relationship and they will consider you THEIR trusted authority relative to the product or services they are purchasing through you and you will have a customer/client for life!
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