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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

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The most effective ads create rich value-laden benefits for their readers. Check out a few examples...

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Advertising can take many different forms and utilize a variety of media ranging from print media (newspapers ; magazines ; newsletters ; bulletins ; flyers ; bill boards ; posters and mailers) to radio ; television and of course ; the internet. Print ads can also vary from the inexpensive small town weekly classified ad to the 4-color full page ad in a major national magazine or newspaper costing $50 ;000 or more. The most effective ads create rich value-laden benefits for their readers.

The more effective they are at specifically targeting their intended MLM CUSTOMERS or prospects with those benefits most important to them ; the more responses they will draw and the more qualified those leads will be.

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Both classified and display ads have proven effective at times in targeting prospective Network Marketers or selling products to interested end users. Classified ads can range from a low of about $10 for a small ad in a weekly town paper to several hundred or even a thousand dollars or more when placed in a large-circulation magazine or journal. Because of their much higher cost ; display ads are usually co-opted by Networkers who pool their resources with other Networkers and agree to share the leads generated ; thus minimizing the cost to each for an advertising slot while also minimizing the risk of an unproductive ad as well. The most effective classified ads specifically call their intended prospects by name. They do this by identifying those benefits most important to the type of prospect they seek to attract. Successful classified ads can target general work-at-home income seekers ; entrepreneurial opportunity seekers or they can hone in on specific niches or occupations to further qualify the respondents by category. Different ads work better in different places and at different times of the year. A work-at-home type ad typically draws better in a weekly small town newspaper as opposed to the classified section of a major city’s newspaper where a more professional targeted prospect may apply. We have had great success with classifieds that target specific professions or groups. We place these ads in various industry-specific journals ; magazines or newsletters. They pre-qualify the prospect by actually inviting the various niche-related applicants to respond. This strategy works particularly well when there is a link between a company’s products and a group who may have a use or affinity for them. For example ; if your company markets a hand cleaner ; you might target mechanics ; painters ; laborers or any other group that would likely use this product. You might advertise in magazines ; newspapers ; newsletters or with flyers targeting the group you are intending to attract. If you’re marketing a service like an insurance product ; you might target insurance agents ; professional sales people or those with a particular need for the service.

One important consideration that applies to all advertising is if you advertise product ; you’ll attract mainly product users. If your desire is to attract business builders ; you’ll want to advertise your company’s most exciting product — your income opportunity!

The following are a number of classified ads that have worked particularly well for our organization. You’ll want to alter any ad you select to apply to your own company’s strengths and target markets. Traditional Classified Ads * Partner with Doctors - Earn a Doctor’s Income. Health professional network company seeks Self starters to work with dentists ; MD’s and veterinarians. 800-999-9999 * (help wanted) Medical professionals ; nurses ; techs - work from home in partnership with Doctors. Your own business with Dream Income Potential. Free info package. Call 800-999-9999. * Stay in Your Pajamas !- Pick up a second income without having to get a 2nd job! Pleasant. Respectable. Free details. Call 800-999-9999. * Rapid weight loss – nine pounds in nine weeks guaranteed 100 % safe plus pickup a second income without getting a second job. Free Sample and Video Tape. Call 800-999-9999. * A Dream Income Potential - Doctors professional network seeks partners to join our elite marketing team. Free Audio Tape. Call 800-999-9999. * Teachers ; Coaches and Trainers wanted: Earn an exciting income from home by teaching others our proven turnkey system. For interview ; call 800-999-9999. * Work from Home. Earn a Full-Time Income with a Part-Time Effort. Complete Training and Support. For your FREE CD Rom and Info Pack ; call 800-999-9999 or email [email protected] * Teachers wanted to teach others how to become financially independent. Full training provided. Earn what you’re worth with us! Call 800-999-9999. * Help others save money on their utility bills and get paid to do it! FT-income potential working from your home. Call 800-999-9999. Where to Place Classified Ads For a listing of newspapers in the United States and Worldwide ; visit http://www.refdesk.com/paper.html For a listing of Statewide Press Associations where you can place classified ads ; visit http://www.webdms.com/~ina/assn.html
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