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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

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Right people ; right approach and at the right time. That’s the secret. It’s not about leads because leads are everywhere.

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I bet you want more leads. Most every network marketer I know thinks they need more leads. They’ve run through their friends and family ; they’ve tried grabbing cards out of fish bowls ; they’ve signed up for magical list sourcing programs and spent lots of time thinking about ; looking for and desiring more leads.

Pssst. I have a secret for you. Are you ready for this? It’s not about the leads!

“What?!” you say in amazement. “But I’ve run out of people to talk to!” you say. Yes ; I know. You believe that if you could just find that magical source of people ready to buy or sign up that you will be the next quadruple diamond with ruby clusters in your program. But you’ve somewhere along the line been convinced of a lie. It’s not about the leads – at all.

Your success in network marketing is what you do with the leads you have.

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If you were able to do a poll – and get the real truth rather than the hype that is often exclaimed from stages across the country – I promise that you will discover that the majority of the people that have done well in network marketing are those people that have talked to the right people ; at the right time and in the right way and built their business around only a very few prospects that turned into energetic distributors and business builders.

I’ll say it again: success in networking is about the right people ; at the right time and communicating in the right way.

So ; in a laser-sharp fashion allow me to shoot it to you straight. The “right people” are people that are looking for second income ideas ; they are somewhat entrepreneurial in nature and they see you as a credible resource that can introduce them to a vehicle to achieve their financial goals. Forget about big dreams of giant homes and fast cars. Most people that jump on a network marketing opportunity are people with simple ; attainable ; practical goals and they are willing to do something about. Who are those people? They are everywhere. I recommend that you look for people that are gainfully employed or have their own business ; between the ages of 40 and 65 and have a list of financial obligations (normally what we call bills) that are a little bigger than their paycheck. Who is not in this category are unemployed people ; people in deep financial stress ; people that are not ambitious or people that will jump at anything – like we say in Texas are like crickets on a hot skillet. Look for mature ; common sensible ; productive people with attainable goals. The “right way” to contact people is very simply as a professional networker. You are looking for the right people and the person you are approaching may be that person or may know someone who is. Don’t attack people or sell people or try to convince people. All of those methods are what makes people allergic to network marketers.

The right way to contact people is to simply ask a question or two to gauge them as open to hearing from you about your business or as someone that might know someone that is. Very simply ; network your way to the people that want what you want.

And finally ; the “right time” is when a person has the combination of time and focus to look at adding a significant project to their life. They are in cruise mode in a career ; the kids are in high school or college ; their home life is reasonably stable and their routine has a few built hours of flex time embedded. You are not looking for someone that just had a baby ; just got fired ; is trying to balance 3 jobs and 3 kids ; someone that just got a divorce or someone brand new in town. Be empathetic to what stage a person is in life and whether they really have the time – and if it is a good time in their life to look at your business. Right people ; right approach and at the right time. That’s the secret. It’s not about leads because leads are everywhere. AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win [email protected]
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