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How to Gently and Ethically Persuade Your Prospects, Without Crossing the Sleazy Line of Manipulation! By: David Feinstein

The main reason is that it’s frustrating to see how it taints our reputation because of a few bad apples. But to be fair, you can also look at it through the angle of some network marketers who...
Dec 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2010 Clicks: 1918 Comments

What's More Important Than Taking Action This Day in the Life Account of Nearly Every Network Marketer Will Show You! By: David Feinstein

If you feel like you are taking action then very likely you’re not taking the right type of action. And you’re probably not taking as much of it as you think you are anyway. Let me just say...
Nov 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Nov 2010 Clicks: 1607 Comments

3 Must Have Tools for Growth in Network Marketing By: David Feinstein

To do that you need to utilize certain tools. I’m going to show you those tools that you need right now and exactly how to best utilize them. Squeeze Page – The squeeze page is the...
Oct 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Oct 2010 Clicks: 1462 Comments

3 Radical But Surefire Ways to Reach the Success That You're After! By: David Feinstein

The fact is that success isn’t a born instinct! Success... and the principles for success are learned... and can only be learned. Sure some might be more talented in one area or the other. Some...
Sep 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Sep 2010 Clicks: 1969 Comments

5 Easy Ways to Build Your Downline Through Joint Ventures That 99% of Your Competition isn't Doing! By: David Feinstein

There are numerous ways to joint venture online and off for typical businesses, but rarely do those in Network Marketing ever think to use joint ventures for building their downlines. Yet it...
Aug 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Aug 2010 Clicks: 2108 Comments

How to Manage Your Business Your Time and Your Life Without Feeling Like a Guilty, Discouraged, and Lonely Alien! By: David Feinstein

I know several people in network marketing besides myself who could actually have this happen. We’re talking about people who have tens of thousands of people in their downline creating wealth...
Jul 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Jul 2010 Clicks: 1789 Comments

How to Make Sure That We Make Each Promotion Count When Promoting Ourselves and Our Business! By: David Feinstein

They’re looking for a mentor, and a trainer with credibility... therefore all of your marketing and promotion efforts need to be selling that side of the equation. While at the same time, you...
Jun 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Jun 2010 Clicks: 2302 Comments

Why Increasing the Product Retailing Side of Your Network Marketing Business Could Mean a Huge Boost to Your Downline... By: David Feinstein

You know as a network marketing trainer I often preach over and over again to the importance of building a huge downline. Just like most MLM trainers out there I talk about leverage, and how you...
May 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine May 2010 Clicks: 1943 Comments

The #1 Secret to Massive Effectiveness when Communicating Within Your Business By: David Feinstein

And there’s actually a very good reason for that. The reason is that auto-responders and blogs don’t have emotion. Nor do they do something so vital to any sort of networking or sales…...
Apr 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Apr 2010 Clicks: 2265 Comments

An Ode to the Business Owning Warriors! By: David Feinstein

Now here’s the problem. If you are a person with this mindset, but you’re stuck in a JOB where everything just seems upside down to you and you feel like you can’t get ahead –then it...
Mar 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Mar 2010 Clicks: 2018 Comments

Why Without a System for Your Network Marketing Business, You Could be up a Creek Without a Paddle! By: David Feinstein

Now, let’s be clear. When I talk about having a system in place, I’m not talking about the newest flashy Internet system supposedly designed to generate 20 leads per day into your business, on...
Feb 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Feb 2010 Clicks: 1697 Comments

How to Earn More Money in a Down Economy than Most People Earn in a Robust One! By: David Feinstein

but the truth is that they simply know that earning money simply means that you find a group (or rather groups) of people, and give them exactly what they want or need. The fact is that people...
Feb 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Feb 2010 Clicks: 1868 Comments

What does SUCCESS have to do with running a mile? By: David Feinstein

How to transform responses into results How to communicate effectively with everyone you meet How to choose your attitude How to affect people with words How to control your emotions...
Jan 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Jan 2010 Clicks: 2026 Comments

Our Modern Day Heroes The Women We Love Protecting Our Profession with Ethics By: David Feinstein

Many begin to look for a second income, or even a new and better full-time income. They begin to search for a business that they can start in their spare time (or at least the time that they create...
Dec 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2009 Clicks: 1692 Comments

Network Marketing Hip-hop style By: David Feinstein

Today, in many schools across the USA (and some other countries as well), courses like Network Marketing 101 are offered in Colleges as an elective and maybe even it will become a required course...
Nov 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Nov 2009 Clicks: 2452 Comments

Having a Network Marketing Belief System By: David Feinstein

Now quite honestly, how the heck would I know what I wanted to accomplish... it was all a “fantasy” and any goals that I’d be setting weren’t necessarily “reality” based... I mean I...
Oct 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Oct 2009 Clicks: 2384 Comments

Are You a Leader or a Follower? By: David Feinstein

But learning the skills to become a great leader definitely means whether or not you’re a heavy hitter in MLM or just another number in someone else’s downline. More importantly, rather than...
Sep 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Sep 2009 Clicks: 1989 Comments

Who Said The Glass is Half Empty? By: David Feinstein

It’s amazing that probably 90% of the working world is basically unhappy, unfulfilled, underpaid, under appreciated, overworked, disappointed and they don’t see a way out of their...
Aug 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Aug 2009 Clicks: 1881 Comments


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