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Get Started N.O.W. (New Opportunities Within)â„¢! By: Laura Johnson

First thing you will want to do is get very clear on how you feel about your business in its different parts. Decide the things that you like and are working well for you and those things that...
Mar 1, 2008 MLM Network Magazine Mar 2008 Clicks: 2289 Comments

I did it, and I did it and so on and so on By: Laura Johnson

When it is good, we need to share. I know we have all had the training in our jobs and in our lives and in our networking businesses. And following through with all the things that we are taught is...
Feb 1, 2008 MLM Network Magazine Feb 2008 Clicks: 6685 Comments

It takes more than just Thinking Outside the Box By: Laura Johnson

Stop now and stop fast! Get out of your own way and examine who you are and what you believe and see if it is really serving you for what you want in life. Though there are many different beliefs...
Jan 1, 2008 MLM Network Magazine Jan 2008 Clicks: 7066 Comments

Greatest Business Growth Duplicating Yourself By: Laura Johnson

First part of duplicating yourself is to become a mentor. This is such a great gift that you can give someone else. We all have something we are really good at doing. We can work with numbers...
Dec 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2007 Clicks: 6893 Comments

Graciousness and Growing Your Business By: Laura Johnson

I was taught to always allow for graciousness to be a part of who I was. Never use up my allowance of help from others because they will not be there when I need them if I do. The word gracious...
Nov 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Nov 2007 Clicks: 7925 Comments

Determination, Duration and Dawn By: Laura Johnson

But I think people are getting it now. They know there are challenges and they are joining in the businesses anyway. They have such a determination to make a better life for themselves than ever...
Oct 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Oct 2007 Clicks: 7029 Comments

The 'IT' Factor - Giving and Accepting By: Laura Johnson

Sometimes there is so much time spent in building a team that we forget that we really need to be giving to a team foremost. When you put giving as the first factor in building your team, then...
Sep 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Sep 2007 Clicks: 6974 Comments

This isn't Your Grannies Network Marketing By: Laura Johnson

Then there were all the other things they expected me to do. Like spend every bit of my savings and vacation time going to their big meetings across the country. We did the rah-rah thing but that...
Aug 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Aug 2007 Clicks: 7281 Comments

If making money is the object, systemization is the key By: Laura Johnson

So I can pretty much guess that making money in network marketing is one of the most important reasons that you got into it. At least for most people, that would be true. So that is why we must...
Jul 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Jul 2007 Clicks: 7780 Comments

After the Warm Market is Gone and Other Phrases That Scare You By: Laura Johnson

I think this comes up because we have a high hope that our warm market will be all we need. That between our friends and family, we sometimes believe that we will get enough of them involved that...
Jun 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Jun 2007 Clicks: 6713 Comments

Women in Network Marketing: The New 80/20 for women moving into their power in the new millennium! By: Laura Johnson

Her name is Artemis Limpert. Artemis is a Body-for-Life Grand Champion. A successful 6-Figure income earner in Corporate America, Artemis then moved on to develop a Network Marketing Organization...
May 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine May 2007 Clicks: 7134 Comments

If getting MLM CUSTOMERS feels painful, there is still hope! (Part 2) By: Laura Johnson

Now this one is a little tougher to do and takes a little time. But once you have it, it will put you so far ahead of the others that MLM CUSTOMERS will just have to do business with you. A core...
Apr 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Apr 2007 Clicks: 8071 Comments

If Getting Partners Feels Painful, There Is Still Hope! (Part 1) By: Laura Johnson

Because if you find ways to enjoy getting MLM CUSTOMERS and business partners, you will be able to do it more, and it will be easier and your business will grow to magnificent new heights. So...
Mar 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Mar 2007 Clicks: 6667 Comments

Dreams ARE your life - only if you put action to them By: Laura Johnson

As a coach I am often going to networking groups. I am SO often surrounded by people that have all these great dreams, all these thoughts of becoming successful and having everything they want in...
Feb 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Feb 2007 Clicks: 7540 Comments

Mind of Steel or Man of Steel By: Laura Johnson

If you are a person whose mind is like a steel door that slams down and raises your blood pressure and you seethe with anger than you are in trouble. As you start to 'tsk' and mutter, you are...
Jan 1, 2007 MLM Network Magazine Jan 2007 Clicks: 6671 Comments

Promoting yourself for success By: Laura Johnson

Stop before you read on. Can you take a pledge that you are really serious about being successful in your life? Really serious? If so, read on. Victory is so close. It really is. To find the...
Dec 1, 2006 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2006 Clicks: 7543 Comments

If motivation were cash and fame, could you be the next Oprah? By: Laura Johnson

There are a lot of parts to running your own small business or network marketing venture. To be successful you have to have a good idea and/or a good product. You have to know who your target...
Oct 1, 2006 MLM Network Magazine Oct 2006 Clicks: 6651 Comments


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