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Why Is Being a Good People Connector a Good Thing? By: Sue Seward

There's a way to become a better communicator and that is to network with lots of people including people in our own industry that are in other companies. Why it is so important to stay connected...
Apr 1, 2014 MLM Network Magazine Apr 2014 Clicks: 240 Comments

Never Give Up! By: Sue Seward

I've met and worked with all sorts of personalities, some really encouraging and others who were discouraging, negative and jealous of others success. Perhaps those who have decided to pull others...
Oct 1, 2013 MLM Network Magazine Oct 2013 Clicks: 414 Comments

Keys To Success in Your Network Marketing/Direct Selling Business By: Sue Seward

If your plan is to attract the right kinds of people i.e.:  entrepreneurs, business professionals and those seeking to become entrepreneurs and business owners, into your business, it best that...
Jul 1, 2013 MLM Network Magazine Jul 2013 Clicks: 544 Comments

Social Media & Facebook Etiquette By: Sue Seward

Here's what happens when someone does this on Facebook and it applies to posting on a person's private Facebook wall or profile as we call them - 1.  We realize people who may do this areÂ...
Jun 1, 2013 MLM Network Magazine Jun 2013 Clicks: 556 Comments

How to Connect With People When Calling By: Sue Seward

Asking questions will determine what a person's values are and what's important to them. This makes it easier for you to help them when you know where they are coming from, right? Before calling...
May 1, 2013 MLM Network Magazine May 2013 Clicks: 610 Comments

Holiday Prospecting = Spring On The Beach By: Sue Seward

Do the opposite of most people and stay consistent with your holiday seed planting all during this season! Make sure you're still planting lot's of seeds! Even though it seems like no one is...
Dec 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2012 Clicks: 843 Comments

Leverage & Duplication in an MLM Home Business By: Sue Seward

Self-development and continuing to grow personally has been a major part of the success I’ve had over the years in my home business and maybe that’s important for you too. So many of us start a...
Oct 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine Oct 2012 Clicks: 681 Comments

Success Tips for Working an MLM Home Business By: Sue Seward

This is where most people tend to fall through the cracks because they may not understand the logistics of business or the investment and effort it takes to start and run one successfully. Â...
Aug 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine Aug 2012 Clicks: 811 Comments

Leverage & Duplication in Your Home Business By: Sue Seward

The point of having a Network Marketing business is to gain time freedom right? If we have no time to have fun and enjoy our life then we're not living much of a life are we? So how can we...
Jul 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine Jul 2012 Clicks: 748 Comments

Are You Focused on One Thing? By: Sue Seward

I’ve never met anyone who has built a substantial team or earned a full time income in Network Marketing by working with several Network Marketing/Direct Selling companies at the same time. If...
May 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine May 2012 Clicks: 986 Comments

Online Communications Networking in Forums & Social Media Facebook Etiquette By: Sue Seward

Use the same username and password for all forum registrations. This makes it easier to remember them. You could also make a list of all your forums and memberships and put them in an online...
Mar 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine Mar 2012 Clicks: 1071 Comments

Network Marketing The Truth, The Hype, The Opportunity By: Sue Seward

It's a Pyramid Scheme! People will ask "isn't this a pyramid scheme?" The answer is "no." An illegal pyramid scheme does not have a legitimate product or service that people would buy if they...
Jan 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine Jan 2012 Clicks: 1073 Comments

Holiday Prospecting = Spring at the Beach! By: Sue Seward

Because when January rolls around there will be people interested in earning extra income. They may also be looking for a home business so they can benefit from the great tax deductions. I know...
Dec 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2011 Clicks: 907 Comments

Never Give Up On Your Dreams By: Sue Seward

If not, most people will become frustrated, give up and move on to the next best thing that promotes the entitlement lottery mentality. It takes time and effort to develop into a leader. When...
Nov 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Nov 2011 Clicks: 998 Comments

Ask NOT What Network Marketing Can Do for Us, Ask What WE Can Do for Network Marketing! By: Sue Seward

Building strong relationships is also possible to do through the internet. I've done just that, very effectively for years. What I've seen many people do is sign up a lot of people in their...
Sep 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Sep 2011 Clicks: 1251 Comments

How To Become A Networking Relationship Building Guru! By: Sue Seward

In order to become a better connector it takes networking with lots of people, including people in our own industry that may be involved in other companies. Building relationships with other...
Jul 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Jul 2011 Clicks: 1287 Comments

Becoming A Network Marketing Talent Scout By: Sue Seward

Becoming a talent scout vs a recruiter can be more productive in the long run. I remember first starting out in Network Marketing. We were taught to become recruiters. Everyone was a potential...
Dec 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2010 Clicks: 1610 Comments

Branding You with a Blog While At The Same Time Promoting Your Business By: Sue Seward

Now there’s podcasting and video that can be added to a personal blog to make it an even more personable experience for readers who are auditory and visual learners. Much like the personal...
Jun 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Jun 2010 Clicks: 2083 Comments

Communicating that YOU CARE! By: Sue Seward

Now this got my mind spinning realizing that we can apply this to our businesses too. How often do we read a book or listen to a learning CD and actually apply the knowledge from that book or CD...
Apr 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Apr 2010 Clicks: 1423 Comments

Why brand YOUR passion? By: Sue Seward

The main thing is that you start to realize how important it is to brand YOU and you can do this several ways and you don’t have to spend hours, days or weeks building a personal website to do...
Apr 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Apr 2010 Clicks: 1305 Comments

The Advantages of Owning Your Own Business By: Sue Seward

Thirteen years of building a career and it’s gone, the income is gone, that great job is gone, the team is gone. About eighteen months later your health is back on track so you start looking for...
Mar 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Mar 2010 Clicks: 1872 Comments

Crush What By: Sue Seward

There was a sales job on Craig’s List that looked interesting and the local office was close. Then I had to write up a resume. Geez, it’s been a long time! Have not been on a JOB interview or...
Feb 1, 2010 MLM Network Magazine Feb 2010 Clicks: 1524 Comments

How A Career in Network Marketing Empowers Women to Empower Others! By: Sue Seward

This article was started on November 16th, my Mom’s 81st birthday. She was one of the first women who encouraged me to reach out to help and encourage others and not let anyone steal the dream....
Dec 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2009 Clicks: 1697 Comments

Steps to Setting Up Your Success Plan for Your Home-based Enterprise By: Sue Seward

Every wise business owner starts with a plan for success, sets their goals and puts their goals in writing. They usually share them with a trusted confidant, coach or family member to help them...
Jul 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Jul 2009 Clicks: 1753 Comments

Are you the only one Duplicating or Is your network Duplicating too? By: Sue Seward

In some cases, this could even be the upline competing with their own organization out on the net because they’ve had their personal website set up and branding themselves online for many...
Apr 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Apr 2009 Clicks: 2182 Comments

Ask NOT What Network Marketing can do for YOU By: Sue Seward

Sometimes it seems all we do is give, give, give and nothing is coming back. With patience, persistence, consistent efforts and genuine caring for people all of a sudden people start to contact...
Feb 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Feb 2009 Clicks: 2268 Comments


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