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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

The “X” Factor of Success By: Gary Ryan Blair

What if I were to follow you with a camera crew 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the next 100 days while you went for your goals?   I bet 3 things would happen......
Sep 20, 2014 MLM Business Clicks: 3 Comments

Habits for Tripling Your Income By: Robert Shemin

You ; your team ; and just about everyone including me usually goes about the entirely wrong way of creating a habit. We all say we are going to go on the big diet tomorrow ; start the massive...
Jun 1, 2014 MLM Network Magazine Jun 2014 Clicks: 1710 Comments

Live Life Losing Your Breath By: Elizabeth Harrington

To do more, to have more, you have to BECOME more! Come on let’s shake it up and do it differently in 2014! Why should you? Did you know that January 24th is the “bluest” day of the...
Jan 1, 2014 MLM Network Magazine Jan 2014 Clicks: 315 Comments

Being an Entrepreneur with a Home based Business By:

Social media makes you money – facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course the phone! Make a plan to add a certain number of contacts each and every day to your twitter and face book....
Sep 1, 2013 MLM Network Magazine Sep 2013 Clicks: 430 Comments

Islands In The Streams By:

Now, we all know there are only 24 hours in a day so how on earth are you going to manage more than 1 business as well as the “Islands” you may come across in your day to day life. By islands...
Jun 1, 2013 MLM Network Magazine Jun 2013 Clicks: 809 Comments

Are You Focused on the Right Activities By: Steve Domitrecz

Make a list and a daily schedule of when you are going to take action. The specifics of your activities might be different from mine, because you may be focused on a different type of business or...
May 1, 2013 MLM Network Magazine May 2013 Clicks: 705 Comments

Managing Your Time and Controlling Your Life By: Jim Bellacera

And that is what will determine where you end up at the end of your life. Writing down your daily goals along with all of your obligations professional and personal and then living by your...
Jul 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine Jul 2012 Clicks: 814 Comments

Network Marketing The Truth, The Hype, The Opportunity By: Sue Seward

It's a Pyramid Scheme! People will ask "isn't this a pyramid scheme?" The answer is "no." An illegal pyramid scheme does not have a legitimate product or service that people would buy if they...
Jan 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine Jan 2012 Clicks: 1073 Comments

Push the Tipping Point By: Lisa Jimenez

Wear your company’s shirt. Have your product in view wherever you go. Have your email signature announce the next trip, car program or other exciting news about your company. Let your lifestyle...
Jan 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine Jan 2012 Clicks: 844 Comments

The MARKETING of Your Network Marketing Business By:

Be a product of your own product and let the rest of the world know! This is marketing 101 and I wasn’t following protocol. I was promoting sales for a company that I not only wasn’t...
Jan 1, 2012 MLM Network Magazine Jan 2012 Clicks: 977 Comments

Productive Habits Are Society's Great Stabilizer By: Bonnie Ross-Parker

In fact, money is in the follow up. What’s the point of networking, collecting business cards and then keeping what you did collect safely in a shoe box, held together by a rubber band? Sound...
Dec 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2011 Clicks: 883 Comments

Holiday Prospecting = Spring at the Beach! By: Sue Seward

Because when January rolls around there will be people interested in earning extra income. They may also be looking for a home business so they can benefit from the great tax deductions. I know...
Dec 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2011 Clicks: 907 Comments

The One “Habit” That Can Make You Bullet Proof, Happy, and Successful! By: Lisa Jimenez

Then what? What I can share with you is this: It was from those circumstances that I was given a miraculous opportunity to access the most powerful “habit” of life and business success... A...
Dec 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2011 Clicks: 1004 Comments

It is consistently doing things that BUILD your business that keep your business growing By:

They do “two on one’s” with their new distributors, they schedule meetings with their new distributors, they do a weekly conference call for their group, they bring prospects and new...
Dec 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2011 Clicks: 974 Comments

How and Where to Be Consistent By: David Feinstein

Basically they don’t have to work, so they don’t. After all, it’s not like a job where you’re demanded to be there a certain amount of time. The truth is even in that situation the owner...
Dec 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2011 Clicks: 1095 Comments

To Be Consistent, Give Up Giving Up By:

The difference this time was that the pain of my reality was FINALLY worse than the fear of being persistent. The education required for me to become a personal trainer was demanding. I hadn’t...
Dec 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2011 Clicks: 936 Comments

Know When a Consistent Habit Needs to Change By: Marilyn Suttle

Wow, she was right. Her words were a wakeup call, but it took me another decade to fully embrace them. I had the word “nice” all wrong. I thought it was nice to put myself last. I thought it...
Dec 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2011 Clicks: 864 Comments

How Badly Do You Want It? By: Rodney Brandt

I found out some time later that Matt talked to some 2,500 people during his canvassing effort. He walked the streets of our town nine hours a day, five days a week for two solid months, and then...
Dec 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2011 Clicks: 2207 Comments

Acting Out Of Your Commitments Instead Of What Is Convenient By: Joe Rubino

You commit to act out of your principles rather than out of what might be most convenient at that particular time. This will require a ruthless commitment on your part to being clear about what...
Feb 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Feb 2011 Clicks: 1409 Comments

What's The Key to Kick Starting Your Business Into High Gear for 2011 and Beyond? By: David Feinstein

However, there are better ways of chasing perfection than simply being flippantly general with your goals. Average, general goals get you nothing but average general results. On the flip side of...
Jan 1, 2011 MLM Network Magazine Jan 2011 Clicks: 2096 Comments

The “X” Factor of Success By: Gary Blair

The list includes marriages, college educations, weight loss, sales production and any other commitment that one may enter into. Think about the last time you entered into an agreement with...
Sep 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Sep 2009 Clicks: 1612 Comments

The Dark Side of Goal Achievement: Where's the Tipping Point By: Denise Corcoran

The Litmus Test: If you were to lose all your assets today or your business took a serious downturn , how would you feel about yourself? About your worth? Do you play it safe? Do you fear...
Jul 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Jul 2009 Clicks: 1544 Comments

Goal Achievement... Turbo-Charged Style! By: Denise Corcoran

Let’s first take a look at the top 7 pitfalls of traditional goal-setting… and how the new turbo-charged techniques can ignite your most ambitious goals into high velocity results. PITFALL...
Jul 1, 2009 MLM Network Magazine Jul 2009 Clicks: 1615 Comments

Are You Thinking Small or Big Business in this Economy? By: Jackie Ulmer

A major airline recently announced that it would be reducing capacity and service by roughly 11%. This means the loss of jobs by more workers all around the country and in many departments. The...
Dec 1, 2008 MLM Network Magazine Dec 2008 Clicks: 2035 Comments

What are you willing to do? (To make your dreams come true) By: Paul Morris

Well we all recognize that as the theme song to the movie Rocky. Undoubtedly one of the best Rags to Riches American Dream Stories ever. A broke debt collector in Philadelphia, PA Rocky Balboa...
Nov 1, 2008 MLM Network Magazine Nov 2008 Clicks: 2380 Comments

Building the Dream with your Team By: Randy Gage

We are creatures of habit. And success in this business comes from replacing old habits with new ones. The average person watches five or six hours a day of television. They spend a couple hours...
Sep 1, 2008 MLM Network Magazine Sep 2008 Clicks: 2435 Comments

5 Keys to a Gold Medal Performance According to Michael Phelps By: Sarah Robinson

5 Keys to Performing Like a Gold Medal Champion 1) Never Lose Your Focus or Your Cool. From all accounts, Michael had an exhausting daily schedule in Beijing. Heck just eating his breakfast...
Sep 1, 2008 MLM Network Magazine Sep 2008 Clicks: 2088 Comments


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