MLM Marketing – What to Do Until Those Leads Join Your Business By David Feinstein

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The importance of “info-taining” for effective MLM marketing

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When it comes to MLM marketing, we all know how important it is to set up systems to obtain leads, right? But the truth is that not all of these people are going to join your MLM business right away. It could take quite some time, even years for some of them to join. So what do you do until then? If you’ve been collecting MLM leads for a while, then you’ve probably stock piled quite a few, correct? Hopefully if you’re conducting your MLM marketing correctly then this is true. 

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So then what the heck do you do with the leads that don’t join? Just let them sit in your auto-responder and ignore them? Well most people would shriek at that notion, but the fact is that this is what most people do.

Using Effective MLM Marketing

The fact is that you KNOW that you need to be keeping in contact with your leads. I’m not telling you anything monumental by telling you that. But what most people won’t tell you is how to create campaigns that make more of them respond to your emails and other communication. I’m going to tell you right now

How to Create Emails That Keep Your Leads Interested…

1) Be Yourself and Be Fun –Here’s the thing. Nobody wants to join up anything with someone who is boring. If you’re boring, or try to act like something you’re not people are going to see that come thru your emails, and they’re going to either unsubscribe so that they don’t have to get anything else from you, or they’re simply going to ignore your emails. Why? Because they don’t want to join up with you, and have to deal with your boringness all the time. Even if they think that you’re more knowledgeable than this other person who’s sending them fun content, they’ll likely join with that other person over you.

People want to be entertained. But don’t let that deter you from sending out good info and instead try to be entertaining all of the time, or ONLY entertaining. No you want to create a mixture of the two. Call it “Infotaining” if you will.

2) Be Available –I see so many people get into network marketing but try to hide behind their computers ALL the time. You just cannot do that. Your leads/subscribers must know that you’re available. The fact is that people are very much looking for people who are available. In fact we get so many people telling us how great it is that we just called them up and are real people.

Some people will join for that reason alone.

You can’t be in MLM and think that you’re going to be able to conduct your MLM marketing completely anonymously. This is a people business. Think of its other name…”network marketing”. It’s called that for a reason. Because, you’ve got to network. You’ve got to socialize, and the more social you are, and the more personable you are, the better off you’ll be on all fronts.

For now start emailing your leads more, and be yourself and be available, and you’ll start to see your downline growing.

That, after all, is what MLM marketing is all about.



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