Women in network marketing By: Kim Klaver

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The Trick to Stick
If the promise of money doesn’t keep them in…what is it?

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Start with the end in mind says motivational guru Steve Covey in his best seller ; The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It can be the end of your life ; or the end of an effort like your network marketing business. In Network Marketing ; that has always been held out by its promoters as one thing: the money. Recruiters lead with the money or what money can buy the Gucci belts with the fancy buckles ; the shiny cars ; and the big mansions on the hill. Who doesn’t need more money? From God to the panhandlers ; everyone is looking for more. So no ; it’s not hard to see why everyone responds to the call for money. But we know from the 95 of every 100 who drop out ; that this œend does not materialize for most folks. And the promise of money doesn’t keep them in.

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Now ; what about those who stay in? Most of them aren’t making money ; either. What’s their story? They told me on a conference call last week that they stick because they’ve replaced the old pitched end ; money ; with an end that’s much more meaningful to them ; and which keeps them going.

If we knew what kept people in even when they’re not making much yet ; wouldn’t that be useful information?Here are some of the reasons a group gave me on that call the other night. KIM: Why are you still doing the business if you’re not making money yet (less than $1-200/mo after 2-3 years):

1. Oh because I LOVE the product. 2. I believe in what I’m doing. 3. I get a kick out of helping someone get healthy 4. I really like offering people a way to do something of their own ; like I can do ; even if it doesn’t pay a lot ; it’s MINE and I love it. 5. I know I’m making a difference ; and that feels wonderful. 6. I’m a cockeyed optimist 7. I might be really close to something big ; who knows? I like what I do.

NO ONE SAID “THE MONEY” WAS THEIR MOTIVATOR. NO ONE.These comments from real men and women in the field today remind me of the results of a recent survey by Yahoo! entitled ; “Two-thirds of Americans have entrepreneurial aspirations…” Three relevant tidbits:

1. Money is NOT the primary motivation for these aspiring entrepreneurs only 3 percent (half of the 6 percent in 2005) said getting rich was the main reason they wanted to start a business. 2. Doing work that they really love was the main reason for launching a business. 3. Second most popular reason: “To be my own boss.”

Responses 1-7 above are exactly the reasons 2/3 of Americans today SAY THEY WANT A BUSINESS OF THEIR OWN. So let’s change the end that we pitch. Dump the fixation on money ; unless you are one of the 3% who seek that above all else. Replace that end with one more meaningful to you and 97% of the rest of today’s aspiring entrepreneurs. Check the lists above for starters ; and add your own if you don’t see YOUR reason and passion there. You will then be more genuine and also you’ll be more matched up with 2/3 of America that’s looking for something of their own ; who say they want something that they can LOVE first ; and get money for ; second. Isn’t that what the great majority is saying here? Including our little sample of NM folks who are sticking because of THOSE reasons ; instead of the promise of money?



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