Winning at Any Cost By Jim Bellacera

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The key to running a powerful and successful business is to create customer loyalty

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The last thirty years of my professional career, I have ventured into a plethora of positions. Ranging from sales in the field, working in my corporate offices, as well as a consultant to corporations with a vast sales force. During these years I have learned some very hard facts, the corporate leadership often doesn’t understand the field and the sales people really do not understand what it takes to run a company.

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My Philosophy is, “If you put people first learn the process, then the profit will com.” The key to running a powerful and successful business is to create customer loyalty. If your company lacks a loyal fan base then it’s on a slippery slope to say the least.

Trust and loyalty are the most important qualities in any aspect of life,

whether it’s your family and friends, personal relationships, and of course making sure your company promotes products and content to build a loyal customer base.

Whatever the reason is there is much to be understood by the decision to take ownership of a company. Marcus Lemonis from the TV show says People, Process and Profit. Often times the order is PROFIT, PROFIT and Why isn’t there more PROFIT?

The same holds true in the field. If you are about the profit and you do not think or care about the people you are leading or selling your product or service to, then you will limit the amount of profit you will earn simply because you didn’t adhere to the #1 rule of life

People come first and profit will follow”.

Get it right. Stop putting money as your first thought process and you will discover a whole new way of earning money while creating customer loyalty and employee loyalty.

The knowledge I acquired over these years of experience caused me to reinvent myself to create a company called Successful Thinkers Network Inc. (STN) a company that focuses on Know, like and Trust. Through this process of developing STN I have realized I can reach more people and help them take more appropriate steps to build their businesses and reach their dreams with less mistakes and more success.



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