Your Business is DOOMED Without This By Marquel Russel

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It’s up to you to create a “mission based business” and vision so big that other people can fit into it.

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As you analyze each word of this article you will shortly feel a sense of joy because you will finally know the truth about why some businesses like Apple and other huge brands create astonishing levels of success, while most businesses fail miserably and end up in the small business cemetery.

I’ve been blessed to coach thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe and when asked, “why do they want to have a successful business,” they say either one of two things:

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#1. They attempt to be politically correct and say something like, “I want to help people!”

#2. They say they want to make money and become “Financially Free!”

These are often referred to in network marketing as your “WHY!”

In network marketing, the popular thing to say when someone is struggling is that, “Their WHY isn’t big enough!”

People even say, “You have to have a WHY that’s big enough to make your cry!”

While that’s cute and all, but to be frank, it’s actually a bunch of bull crap.

Here’s what I mean…

How many times have you seen people go from opportunity to opportunity with the same “WHY” and still have mediocre, at best, results?

How many times have you seen someone get the exact step by step how to and what to say to create results… they get excited and do it for a couple days and then they stop?

Why is that?

Is it because their “WHY” isn’t big enough?


It’s because they have no Vision and they don’t have a Mission for their business.

All they want to do is become “Financially Free” (which has no meaning at all by the way) or they want to “Help People” (which also has very little meaning).

So what do I mean by have a “Mission” for their business?

Well it’s quite simple…

People don’t buy into “What you’re doing,” they actually buy into “WHY you’re doing it!”

Now, this doesn’t have anything to do with your “WHY,” but has everything to do with a BIG Mission that can have a massive impact on something bigger than you.

People want to be a part of something so it’s important to develop a movement that’s going to do something significant that they can say they’re apart of.

Here’s two famous examples…

People didn’t follow Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because he wanted people to be treated fairly in Atlanta, Ga, but he “Had A DREAM” to see equality all across the globe, even if he didn’t live to see it.

Steve Jobs mission statement for Apple in 1980 was: “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.”

The mission of my coaching and training company is to develop leaders and empower extraordinary entrepreneurs to realize and fulfill their highest earning potential by providing the most effective business growth skills and marketing strategies on the planet and help 1 Million people make their first hundred dollars in their own business, help 100,000 people fire their bosses, help 10,000 people make 6-Figures in their own business and create 1,000 New Millionaires in the next 24 months.

Yes they all are about “helping people,” but they are all focused on a specific “mission” to help people and the world as a whole in a specific way.

Most people struggle with vision and being bold enough to stand up for what they believe in and create a mission of their own, so it’s up to you to create a “mission based business” and vision so big that other people can fit into it.

Marquel Russel



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