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What is the mission that drives your business?

Happy New Year! I'm often ask, "what is your mission that drives your business" that is such a great question and that is why we want to start off this new year off with this important subject.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015!

George Madiou

Founder and Publisher

Creating Synergistic Partnerships Globally is the key to Success in 2015

The greatest opportunity for growth in the Network Marketing profession lies outside your borders…wherever your borders are, but particularly outside North America.  Those individuals...
Dec 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 41 Comments

Doing Beats Talking Every Time By: Zig Ziglar

Motivation The Rutan Model 76 Voyager was the first aircraft to fly around the world without stopping or refueling. It was piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager. Chances are good...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 23 Comments

3 Reasons Why Men Need To Pay Attention To Women In Their Business By George Madiou

Go after the best fish for your effort. As a commercial fisherman if you want to make the most money one of the fish you would go after would be tuna rather than mackerel. Tuna will pay you...
Dec 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 28 Comments

Where Do Women Earn As Much (or More) Than Men? By Michael York

It certainly wasn’t happening in corporate America, glass ceilings were everywhere. Oprah was just coming into her own and (not so) suddenly, NETWORK MARKETING began making serious...
Dec 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 27 Comments

Good Food, Good Wine, Good Sex, Goodbye By Marilyn Suttle

To enjoy the good things that life has to offer, we women need to say goodbye to habits and attitudes holding us back from enjoying fulfilling experiences. There are four main...
Dec 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 21 Comments

Attraction Marketing: 5 Steps to Creating Your Brand By April Williams

Creating a personal brand can feel overwhelming but here are 5 Steps to help you highlight your talents to the world and take massive action so you can be an attraction marketing ROCKSTAR!...
Dec 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 38 Comments

What If You Were A Millionaire...? By: Teresa Romain

Long before most of today's self-proclaimed glibly instructing the world about scarcity and prosperity, Teresa Romain was presenting her unique, positive perspective on abundance....
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 30 Comments

Business Growth Ideas for Women by David Feinstein

Sometimes it takes several tries to find the right tool to use to grow your business. Frustration can set in quickly for most women if a plan falls apart too soon. The...
Dec 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 14 Comments

15 Minutes to Becoming Extraordinarily Persuasive By Traci Brown

But who has time to learn how to get these big results? Not you, right? Wrong. Follow these rules and with 15 minutes of practice, you’ll be well on your way to becoming extraordinarily...
Dec 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 38 Comments

Are You Winning? By: Steve Dailey

Do you feel like you are winning today? As a professional swimming coach I had the privilege of coaching national level athletes toward their highest aspirations. Often, making...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 14 Comments

Principles to Ensure a Fantastic Financial Finish By: Chris Widener

Most people want to get to the end of their lives and be able to live comfortably, take care of themselves and leave something for their children. These are admirable goals and very achievable...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 21 Comments


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