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9th Annual Women’s Issue
How Do Women
Grow Their Business?

MLM Magazine December Issue

Women make up more than 80% of the network marketing industry.  This is why every December we honor our greatest group.  This month we have the input from three new contributors, Traci Brown writing on body language. This is an important topic for us all and this is the first of a series of articles that you will learn from, in this coming year.  April Williams is a branding expert.  If you aren’t branding yourself, pay attention to what this expert has to offer you.  And I am so excited about introducing you to Dotti Berry. Dotti has agreed to work with us as our technology expert and starting this month we will be doing Google Hangouts and showing you how to grow your business through  technology that is available to you. Don’t miss the Hangout in  this month’s issue on “Why Hangouts?’
Have a blessed holiday and here’s to a GREAT and prosperous 2015!
George Madiou


Doing Beats Talking Every Time By: Zig Ziglar

Motivation The Rutan Model 76 Voyager was the first aircraft to fly around the world without stopping or refueling. It was piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager. Chances are good...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 16 Comments

What If You Were A Millionaire...? By: Teresa Romain

Long before most of today's self-proclaimed glibly instructing the world about scarcity and prosperity, Teresa Romain was presenting her unique, positive perspective on abundance....
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 11 Comments

Are You Winning? By: Steve Dailey

Do you feel like you are winning today? As a professional swimming coach I had the privilege of coaching national level athletes toward their highest aspirations. Often, making...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 6 Comments

Principles to Ensure a Fantastic Financial Finish By: Chris Widener

Most people want to get to the end of their lives and be able to live comfortably, take care of themselves and leave something for their children. These are admirable goals and very achievable...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 12 Comments

Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy By: Denis Waitley

Positive self-expectancy is the first, most identifiable quality of a top-achieving, winning human being.   It is pure and simple optimism: real enthusiasm for...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 8 Comments

99 Reasons to Stop Using an Elevator Pitch and Do this instead By: Erik Luhrs

Every salesperson is told they must have a powerful elevator pitch if they are going to make an impact with a prospect. The idea that “you only have 30 seconds to interest them”...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 37 Comments

Winning at Any Cost By: Jim Bellacera

The last thirty years of my professional career, I have ventured into a plethora of positions ranging from sales in the field, working in my corporate offices, as well as a consultant to...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 8 Comments

How Do You Attract Opportunity Into Your Life? By: Jim Rohn

I bypassed the obvious (and necessary) points about hard work, persistence and preparation. They actually were very hard workers. And they had the great attribute of being seekers, they were on...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 30 Comments

4 ways To Get The Most Out Of TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com by George Madiou

We have improved our platform, to better serve you! Since October 2005 we have supported over 165,000 members in all 50 states and 123 countries around the world. We realized that we are only...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 26 Comments

The 11th Chair By: George Madiou

  My email to my friend Pastor Bill Mitchell Boca Raton Community Church, Boca Raton, Fl. October 1, 2013 Dear Bill, I'm writing an article...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 7 Comments

Do You Look For Counsel or Opinions? By Carol Briney

It always amazes me that so often we listen to these people.  I have no doubt that most of them mean well by giving us their sage advice.  Most likely they are trying to...
Oct 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 9 Comments

Collaboration Separates You From Your Competition By: Jim Bellacera

1. Pound the pavement and the phones , but it takes a massive amount of time to qualify your leads through this process. There is only limited ability to create a true impression of your...
Nov 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 4 Comments

MLM Distributors vs 21st Century Entrepreneurs (Which One Are You?) By Marquel Russell

Allow me to explain, because It took me a while to understand the difference, and it cost me THOUSANDS (maybe even millions) of dollars,  which is why I want to share this information...
Nov 1, 2014 ROOT Clicks: 31 Comments


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